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Mom’s Gift: The LauraStar LS-PULSE Ironing System

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect ironing system. The LauraStar LS-PULSE makes us actually look forward to ironing!

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Review: LauraStar LS Pulse Ironing Station

The name LauraStar is widely respected as one of the most elite, most innovative brands in garment care. Their newest line of ironing systems is no exception and with the introduction of the LS PULSE Ironing Station, LauraStar has reached new heights of excellence. Here’s our latest review of this stellar system. The LauraStar LS-PULSE… Continue reading Review: LauraStar LS Pulse Ironing Station

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LauraStar LS-PULSE Ironing Board System

When I was a student, high school seniors were required to take a two-week course during home room preparing the future graduates for adult realities like balancing a checkbook, understanding an apartment lease agreement, and applying for student loans. During one of these special sessions, each student was required to come in dressed as they would for… Continue reading LauraStar LS-PULSE Ironing Board System

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LauraStar LIFT+ Steam Generator & Iron System

Is It An Iron Or A Fabric Steamer? The answer is…yes! The incredible innovators at LauraStar managed to combine all the bullets on your wish-list in one smart package. The LauraStar LIFT+ Steam Generator & Iron System combines THREE KEY FEATURES: Compact Portability Ergonomic carrying handle Steam cord storage Secure, skid-proof feet Lightweight construction, under 12 pounds… Continue reading LauraStar LIFT+ Steam Generator & Iron System

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Best Ironing Systems & Boards For 2015

We’ve compiled the five best ironing products to compare and contrast and, hopefully, streamline your shopping. Below is a list of our favorite irons, ironing systems, and ironing boards for 2015. No need to look any further…we’ve done the research for you! Top Five Ironing Systems & Boards For 2015 The LauraStar LS-S7a Ironing System – Under… Continue reading Best Ironing Systems & Boards For 2015

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Buying A New Ironing Board

Sure, crafting has been a favorite pastime long before Victorian homes were filled with cross-stitch patterns and even before Egyptian housewives painted pottery. But recently, websites like Pinterest and Etsy have made crafting less like a hobby of leisure and more like an Olympic sport. Women and men alike have turned basic ideas into art.… Continue reading Buying A New Ironing Board