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Mom’s Gift: The LauraStar LS-PULSE Ironing System

You know what I find incredibly irritating? Friends who give great gifts.

You may think it strange that I would take offense to what seems like, on the surface, such a positive trait – but hear me out. I am NOT a good gift-giver. And in my experience, there is little more irksome than being given a gift so glorious, so spot-on perfect, that you could not possibly reciprocate the thoughtfulness or generosity in a million holidays.

Or could you?

My good friend, Faith, recently set out to buy a birthday present for just such a champion gifter: her mother, Renee. Renee is a gift-giving master (and the really irritating type of person who’s always thinking of others and never treating herself.) So to shock her mom with the ultimate present, Faith called upon a handful of comments Renee had made over the years and decided on a real show stopper. The LauraStar LS-PULSE Ironing System.

0080119_laurastar-ls-pulse (1)The LauraStar LS-PULSE Ironing System was an ideal gift for Renee for a few reasons. First of all, she wanted it! And who can blame her? This LS-PULSE is so incredible, you’ll actually look forward to ironing. But also, she’s a stickler for a polished appearance. Having nice pieces in your wardrobe only goes so far – you also need to properly care for and maintain them. The Laurastar LS-PULSE does just that. No matter the fabric.

All In One

To call it an ironing board is almost insulting. The LS-PULSE is the complete package. Featuring an innovative ironing table, a high-quality iron, and a built-in steam system, the PULSE is practically a dry cleaner’s suite in your home. Let’s break down each aspect fully.

The LauraStar ACTIVE Table Stays Busy

An ironing board can’t be too interesting, right? Wrong! This ACTIVE Table from LauraStar features some of the most high-tech innovations available in ironing. It feels like it was built by NASA.

The table is named ACTIVE because it is actively helping you iron, press, and refresh your fabrics. How? Installed under the table are incredibly powerful vacuum and fan motors. The blower fan produces even, up-air that allows you to press or steam delicate fabrics as if they were floating on a cloud. This keeps the material from getting too much moisture or heat. No more burns or sheens on silks and satins!

0091118_laurastar-ls-pulse (1)With the flip of a switch on the control panel, the vacuum motor kicks in to gently pull the fabric taut. This feature is important for two reasons. One, it acts as an extra pair of hands, leveling the fabric and removing any folds or bends so you can focus on ironing the perfect stroke. Second, it forces heat and steam through the fibers, powerfully pulling it through the material and out the base. This is so key to getting a polished finish. The moisture and heat not only need to penetrate into the fabric but also needs to be adequately removed in order to get a perfect result. The ACTIVE table accomplishes that with almost no effort from you!

0080120_laurastar-ls-pulseBut the table construction itself is also wildly advanced. LauraStar is already well-known for their patented folding system. Their ironing boards are designed to fold incredibly compact and many feature the integrated wheels that allow you to move the unit (both while it’s folded or unfolded) effortlessly. The LS-PULSE also feature six height adjustments, so it doesn’t matter how tall or short, there’s likely a setting for your comfort. And at the rear of the board is a safety storage box which is designed to hold even a still-warm iron and helps keep the system complete and ready for the next use. You can watch it work here:

The New PULSE Iron Will Make Your Heart Race

0080123_laurastar-ls-pulseEven though the board is pretty incredible, perhaps the most important aspect of ironing is the iron itself. The LS-PULSE features LauraStar’s brand new 3D ACTIVE Soleplate. Like the ACTIVE Table, the ACTIVE Soleplate is named as such because it is actively helping you release wrinkles and press fabrics.

0080125_laurastar-ls-pulseThe 3D soleplate features a raised ridge lining the V-shaped steam hole. This ridge acts as an additional method of straightening and removing wrinkles. Essentially, each pass you do with the iron is equal to two passes because the ridge smooths and re-smoothes with every swipe. The 3D-Soleplate allows the iron to (1) Heat, (2) Smooth, and (3) Cool the fabric all at once. Check out the video below to see it in action:

0080158_laurastar-ls-pulseThe soft press soleplate is made especially for LauraStar. By attaching this accessory, you lower the temperature of the soleplate to press delicates and materials requiring a lower temperature. The steam holes align perfectly, allowing you to still use the powerful steam function. Even those trendy, screen-printed t-shirts are safe from the heat of this non-stick iron. In addition, the soft press accessory protects the iron’s soleplate from ink and fusible transfer and eliminates the potential for a sheen on difficult materials.

The Dream Of Automatic Steam

But we’ve saved the best for last. The LS-PULSE has a new feature that is nearly unbelievable! The Automatic Steam function allows the iron to sense your movements and activate steam accordingly. You read that correct… the iron knows what you want! With a slight movement of your wrist, the LauraStar Ironing System will issue powerful steam as you motion the iron forward. Once you stop your movement or motion the iron backward, the steam automatically shuts off. It’s completely in sync with your ironing motion!

The LS-PULSE gets its name from LauraStar’s latest innovation, the PULSE steam. Everyone knows the key to truly refreshing a fabric and releasing tough wrinkles is moisture. So attacking your toughest wrinkles with powerful, condensed and concise steam is the fastest way to complete the task. The short bursts of the PULSE’s steam does just that. Additionally, it allows the initial steam from the water tank to cool and then re-heat within the iron to allow hot, extra fine, powerful steam even on low settings. Watch the video below to see just how it works:

And All The Trimmings Too

The LauraStar LS-PULSE comes with everything you could want in an ironing system. In addition to the actual table and iron, the PULSE includes…

  • MYCOVER Quality Ironing Board Cover (Purple)
  • AQUA S-LINE Integrated Filter
  • SOFTPRESSING 3D Soleplate
  • COOLMAT Insulating Mat
  • RINS-ME Drain Tray
  • HOLDER S-LINE Cable/Cord Holder

Owning a LauraStar Ironing System is something many of us only dream about. But owning a LauraStar LS-PULSE may just be something you can’t live without! This fabulous ironing system is one for the record books. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect product.


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