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Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Cabinets

When I was a kid, there was a TV channel that played vintage television shows in the morning. My favorites included “I Dream Of Jeannie” and “Gilligan’s Island” but what I grew to love most of all was “The Jetsons.” When staying at a friend’s house one evening, I watched with shock as her mother opened what seemed to be a regular cabinet and down folded a built-in ironing board. To me, it was exactly like the futuristic gadgets George Jetson constantly had at his fingertips. It blew my mind and I immediately considered their house to be the coolest I had ever entered.

Of course, as an adult, I’ve come to appreciate more than just the “cool factor” of the wall-mounted ironing board system. They’re also incredibly useful, brilliant space savers. And it’s no surprise that I absolutely HAD to have one in my own home. You can just call me Jane Jetson.

0086303_iron-a-way-ne-46-non-electrical-ironing-centerWall-mounted or built-in ironing board cabinets from Iron-A-Way range from standard to fully featured.

Iron-A-Way Options

screen-shot-2013-06-19-at-7-55-28-amOne of the best things about Iron-A-Way ironing board units is that they can be completely customized to fit your needs and wishes, starting with the door. Iron-A-Way cabinets doors are available in Maple Flat, Maple Raised, Oak Raised, Pine Raised, White Flat, White Raised, Mirrored. You can also choose from Stainless Steel, White, Biscuit, Charcoal, and Black metal overlays. You can even order them with right hinged openings or left hinged openings. Or, order the box with no door and have your cabinetry company make a custom door for you to match your decor.

But the customization doesn’t end there! The interior fittings of the cabinet also offer a wide range of options…

Iron-A-Way Features Explained

  • 0056817_iron-a-way-surface-mount-trim_200Surface Mount Trim – The trim kit is necessary for any surface-mount installation. The Surface Mount Kit finishes out the back sides of the unit for a flush finish and the wood pieces can be stained or painted to match the cabinetry. The unit will protrude approximate 7” to 8” rather than 3” – 4” depending on which model purchased.
  • 0056803_iron-a-way-sleeveboard_200Sleeve Board – A must-have item for anyone who irons dress shirts. The sleeve board helps keep sleeves straight and firm while you get that crisp finish you desire. It’s important to note that there is no storage space located in the actual iron centers – this item will require separate storage.
  • 0086428_iron-a-way-ane-42-non-electric-swivel-ironing-centerAdjustable Swivel – For extra mobility and flexibility, choose a unit featuring the adjustable swivel board. Once the board is folded down, the swivel mechanism allows for the board to extend out of the cabinet and then turn left or right; this allows the back end of the board to be accessible as well as the front. An important inclusion for anyone who uses the full board.
  • 0086452_iron-a-way-ane-42-non-electric-swivel-ironing-centerGarment Bar  More than just a few garments to iron? The garment bar is attached to the door of the unit to hang multiple items within reach. It’s also a great solution for keeping freshly ironed items from getting re-wrinkled once you’re finished.
  • 0086431_iron-a-way-ane-42-non-electric-swivel-ironing-centerStorage Shelves – In addition to the hot iron shelf, each model includes an additional storage shelf for all your ironing necessities. The premium models will include two extra storage shelves. The shelves are deep enough to hold standard bottles, such as starch, water spritzers, or scented fresheners. The Iron-A-Way system not only gets the ironing board out of storage, but your ironing supplies, as well!
  • 0086401_iron-a-way-hot-iron-rest_200Hot Iron Rest – If you need a quick place to set down your iron while you adjust a fabric, the hot iron rest is for you. The heat-resistant rest allows you to pause between your ironing. It also frees up usable space on the board because you no longer have to place the iron on the board. More room to tackle your task efficiently!
  • 0086432_iron-a-way-ane-42-non-electric-swivel-ironing-centerPremium Hot Iron Storage – It only makes sense to store your iron with you ironing board. So Iron-A-Way took the extra step and created a shelf specifically for hot iron storage. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also so much safer to keep a hot iron up and out of reach from interested little hands.
  • Ventilated Metal Board – The ironing board itself is advanced. The ventilation holes help the powerful steam found in modern irons penetrate through the fabric, actually helping your iron work better. Iron-A-Way models are available in 42″ and 46″ long boards.
  • 0086307_iron-a-way-ae-42-electrical-swivel-ironing-center.jpgSafety Door Switch, Electrical Units Only – When the door closes, the safety switch is immediately activated. So even if you forgot to turn off or unplug your iron, the safety switch will cut the power to it, eliminating the risk of fire.
  • Appliance Outlet, Electrical Units Only – A built-in outlet allows you to plug in your iron right within the cabinet. No need to run the cord down the wall or to the nearest outlet.
  • Indicator Light, Electrical Units Only – You’ll never need to question if the system is on. For the safety of your family, a bright On/Off indicator light signals to you whether the unit is powered on or not.
  • 0086287_iron-a-way-ae-42-electrical-swivel-ironing-center60 Minute Solid State Timer, Electrical Units Only – The silent motor timer offers safety and convenience. Just set the dial to the desired time (the On/Off indicator will let you know the power is on) and the power shuts off automatically once the time has expired. The electrical safety switch disconnects power instantly ensuring your iron is never left hot and unattended too long.
  • 0085677_iron-a-way-ae-42-electrical-swivel-ironing-centerBuilt-in Spotlight, Electrical Units Only – The best way to catch every wrinkle and crease if with the right lighting. Iron-A-Way’s electrical units can include a built-in, powerful spotlight that guides your ironing path without lighting the whole room. It can be adjusted to where you need it most, shining directly onto the board.
  • 0086455_iron-a-way-ae-42-electrical-swivel-ironing-centerElectrical Cord Cover or Wrap with Restraint, Electrical Units Only -The electrical cord covers or wraps allow only the necessary length of cord to be in play. This eliminated the pesky, excess cord getting in your way while you iron.

How To Buy

Because Iron-A-Way Ironing Cabinets are so custom, they are easily ordered online with some simple selections. To view the full line of Iron-A-Way models, SHOP HERE. If you’d like personalized assistance in choosing the right model for you, call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with a specialist.

And to see a step-by-step, DIY installation of the Iron-A-Way, watch this Central Vacuum Stores video:


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