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Review Of The Reliable 100SR Verve Rotary Steam Press

Because Presentation Matters

0089389_reliable-100sr-verve-rotary-steam-pressWould you show up to a job interview in your pajamas? Of course not! You have to dress accordingly in hopes of making a good first impression. Would a world renowned chef simply splatter food onto a plate? No way! A beautifully plated meal is part of the gourmet experience.

These are universal truths we use on a daily basis and properly pressed fabrics are part of it. So if you’re the proud owner of a bed & breakfast, the manager of an event space, or simply someone who insists upon a polished wardrobe, the Verve Rotary Steam Press from Reliable is the solution you’ve been missing.

What Is The Verve?

The functionality of the Reliable Verve is simple: feed the material through while using the pedal to operated the roller’s speed and your fabric is perfectly pressed in seconds. The 33 inch, open-end roller accommodates even large materials like table cloths or bedding. Powerful steam makes quick work of tough wrinkles and creates perfect creases because the material is being heated on both sides simultaneously.

The Verve 100SR features 3 steam settings and 5 heat settings allowing you to truly press any material you can imagine. The 1800W heating element is powered using 120V electricity, so there’s no need for the special electrical work required for other rotary irons. It folds into a compact unit for easy storage and features a safety shut-off.

Check Out The Verve In Action

Why Do I Want It?

There are a million reasons why a person needs an iron. For some, it’s as simple as the collared work shirts they typically have steamed at the cleaners. For others, it’s the 50, ivory table cloths they need pressed for the next wedding reception. But no matter the volume of ironing, it really boils down to the time spent doing it.

The Reliable Verve 100SR makes incredibly fast work out of ironing. It’s simple enough to be used quickly and comfortably, but versatile enough to tackle all your ironing needs. Reliable Corporation is known around the world for their high-quality sewing, ironing, and steam products. But the innovations and brilliant components they put into the Verve are truly unmatched!


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