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Are You Ready For A Smart Iron?

The Oliso Smart Iron is just that. SMART!

I can’t think of much, if anything, that has changed in the world of ironing. Irons seem to have the same build and components as they did seventy-five years ago. So, it’s no surprise there isn’t much excitement surrounding the introduction of a new iron. But wait…

The Smart Iron series from Oliso is something to get excited about.

What Makes This Iron So Special?

Let’s dive right into what it is that makes this iron so different. The Oliso Smart Iron has sensors within the handle and little feet along the soleplate. When you grab the handle for use, it recognizes your touch and the iron drops to the surface. When you remove your touch from the handle, the feet pop out, lifting the hot iron from the surface.

We’ve grown to expect our appliances to feature the latest technology. I mean, we have refrigerators that can literally send you photos of the food inside! Finally, there’s an iron that is caught up with the times, too.

What you gain from this nifty trick is peace of mind. The common issue you have with ironing is the dangers that lurk in the simple chore. Typically, producing a scalding hot piece of metal within your home is a bad thing. Yes, you can accidentally burn fabric or your ironing board cover, but it’s possible to even start a fire. The Oliso Smart Iron eliminates that. The patented Scorch Guards keep the hot iron off the surface at all times unless it senses you’re using it. Brilliant!

There’s even more to love about the Oliso Smart Irons! Learn all about them and compare the three styles HERE.


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