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Reliable 500VB Ultimate Ironing Table: Affordable & Fabulous

Can you afford the perfect ironing board? Yes.

Professional ironing boards come at a pretty penny. Often times, owning an ironing board featuring top-notch components and the most recent innovations is financially out of reach. But the Reliable 500VB Ultimate Table is the one exception.

0087956_reliable-500vb-ultimate-ironing-tableThe 500VB Table includes the defining characteristics of professional ironing: vacuum and up-air functionality. But the real shining feature on this incredible machine is perhaps the price – under $500! Comparable models from other brands range between $1,000 and $2,000! The 500VB really puts professional-grade ironing in reach.

When it comes time to iron, the 500VB offers the same board style the professionals use. The built-in fan mounted underneath the table blows air through the board and cover, creating a soft surface against which fabric can be pressed. Flip the switch and the vacuum is activated, pulling fabric tight against the board and working with your iron to flatten stubborn wrinkles. It’s never been easier to get the perfect finish.

In addition to the up-air and vacuum functions, the 500VB also features a heated pressing surface. Cut your ironing time in half by heating a material simultaneously on both sides – against the table and against your iron. It makes so much sense, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever ironed with another board.

There’s even more to discover with the Reliable 500VB Ultimate Ironing Table. For further details and to purchase, VISIT HERE.


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