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Oliso Smart Irons Review

IMG_0021Even though it’s only July, this year has already seen the introduction of several new babies. With each birth announcement that arrives in the mail, I get to work on my signature baby gift – fun fabrics sewn onto plain burp clothes. The project is simple, quick, and, most importantly, totally practical. But no matter how many I’ve made over the years (and it’s a lot) I’m always open to innovations to make the process faster and easier. This time, it’s the Oliso Smart Iron.

Anyone who sews knows – prep work is KEY! If you haven’t prewashed, pressed, and pinned your fabric, don’t even bother sitting down at the machine. In general, it’s even wise to give your pinned pattern a second pressing, just to be safe. So a sewing project like this is the perfect chance to review a new iron.

What makes it so smart?

The Oliso Smart Iron is like no iron you’ve ever used. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s the iron reinvented. Ironing in the past is a pretty simple theory; you apply the heated iron to the fabric, you lift it up to remove the heat, you place the iron somewhere as you reposition the fabric, and you begin again. The Oliso Smart Iron basically eliminates the middle two steps, saving you time and energy.

The Oliso Smart Irons feature the incredible iTouch® technology: When you touch the handle the iron lowers onto the surface; Let go of the handle, and the patented Scorchguards® act as feet, quickly raising the iron off the fabric. Having a hard time picturing it? Watch this:

The scorchguards® make ironing extremely fast, especially for projects like this one with lots of small pieces. Without the need for stopping or propping up the iron repeatedly, you save so much time by simply moving it to the side and releasing your hand. It’s also a lifesaver for wardrobe pieces like collared shirts – the Pointed Detailer Tip will help breeze through these, too.

The Oliso Smart Iron is available in three models:

0089746_oliso-tg1600-smart-iron-with-itouch-technologyThe Pro TG1600
  • Designed for sewers with a 30 minute auto-shut off option
  • The most powerful Oliso Iron at 1800 Watts
  • The longest Oliso Iron cord at 12 feet for best maneuverability
  • Around $170
0089730_oliso-tg1100-smart-iron-with-itouch-technologyThe TG1100
  • 8 minute auto shut off perfect for standard iron users
  • 1600 watts with a fast heat-up time
  • Ironing cord measures 10 feet, 8 inches
  • Around $150
0089715_oliso-tg1050-smart-iron-with-itouch-technologyThe TG1050
  • 8 minute auto shut-off perfect for standard iron users
  • 1600 watts with fast heat-up time
  • Ironing cord measures 8 feet, 8 inches
  • Around $100




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