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Review: LauraStar LS Pulse Ironing Station

The name LauraStar is widely respected as one of the most elite, most innovative brands in garment care. Their newest line of ironing systems is no exception and with the introduction of the LS PULSE Ironing Station, LauraStar has reached new heights of excellence. Here’s our latest review of this stellar system.

0080118_laurastar-ls-pulseThe LauraStar LS-PULSE is almost too pretty to be just an ironing board. The sleek lines, beautiful finishes, and stylish violet cover leave you reminiscing about New York Fashion Week, not household chores. However beautiful a piece it may be, don’t be fooled: the LS-PULSE is a real workhorse.

Starting at the top – the iron is incredibly lightweight in your hand. The aluminum head not only distributes heat evenly across the surface, but also keeps the iron weighing just 2.6 pounds! This feature in itself is enough to make the LS-PULSE a new favorite among professionals. The long hours required for seamstresses and the garment care industry absolutely demand an ultra lightweight iron and the PULSE delivers.

Here’s a video demonstrating all the features of the new LauraStar LS-Pulse iron:

Shown with the included SoftPressing Soleplate shoe for delicate fabrics.

New to the LS-PULSE is LauraStar’s patented 3D Soleplate. The horseshoe shaped steam dispersion is raised to allow for the best possible wrinkle elimination. The unique shape also helps distribute the steam evenly and powerfully over the entire surface. It’s like no iron you’ve ever used before.

Another new feature is what LauraStar is calling, Pulse Steam. Short, powerful bursts of extra hot steam has been shown to release wrinkles faster and better than standard steam. The fabric receives a burst of heat and moisture but isn’t over saturated. Just the right amount to refresh the fibers without damaging them with excess heat or water.

Then there’s the Automatic Steam feature. This innovative addition allows you to activate the steam with a simple wrist movement. Flick the iron forward and the steam pumps out. Bring it back or down and the steam turns off. Once you get the rhythm, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can process fabrics. No buttons to press or knobs to turn – the PULSE simply knows what you want.

0080164_laurastar-ls-pulseThe LS-PULSE also includes a structured wire cord-minder to keep the steam cord off the ironing surface and out of your way. Following the steam cord down, the removable water tank can be detached and refilled while the iron is still in use, allowing for continuous ironing.

At the rear of the board, the hot-iron box pulls double duty as both iron storage and iron rest. When opened, the box lid locks in place to provide a safe resting place for your in-use iron. (The PULSE also includes a specially designed heat-resistant mat that can be placed on the board or any other convenient surface.) When your task is complete, the still hot iron can be placed within the box for safe storage and cool down.

Then there’s the board itself. The LauraStar PULSE features the patented Active Table which includes both a silent fan blower and a motorized vacuum built directly into the ironing board. Turn on the blower for weightless ironing – keeping delicate fabrics light and airy so as not to burn them or damage them with excess pressure. The blower is ideal for materials such as silk and rayon and works in unison with the PULSE’s low-heat steam. Or, if it’s a sturdier fabric you’re pressing, flip the switch to activate the vacuum motor and watch as the fabric is pulled taught against the board and held in place for an extra wrinkle reducer.

Take a look at this video to see how the LS-PULSE Active Table works:

In short, the LauraStar LS-PULSE is absolutely incredible. It’s more similar to a concept product you’d find at a futuristic trade-show than it is something you’d use to treat fabrics. The PULSE is truly advanced. It’s hard to imagine how it could ever be improved upon.

LauraStar LS-PULSE Pricing & More Info

Summary of Features:

  • NEW PULSE steam bursts for expert fabric care.
  • NEW Professional 3D Active Soleplate presses your material with quality heat and steam.
  • Automatic steam is activated with just the flick of your wrist.
  • Auto Stop after 15 minutes, with available bypass.
  • Silent blower and vacuum from the 2-speed Active Table for cold, crease-free ironing.
  • A constant pressure of 3.5 bars produces 200 liters of steam volume per minute – the result is professional ironing quality.
  • Iron safety storage box, to keep the still warm iron well protected.
  • Foldable board with six height-adjustment settings, for all ironing requirements.
  • Scale filter – tap water can be used and the iron’s service life is extended.
  • Removable, 5 Cup water tank – uninterrupted ironing without waiting.
  • Super fast, three minute heating time for immediate use.
  • Easy-to-move system – thanks to its two pairs of integrated wheels and its reduced size of 20 cm when stored.

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