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Miele B990E Rotary Iron For Hotels, Resorts, And B&B’s

When I was younger (and fighting doing some household chore or other) my mother would remind me of all that she was responsible for as a child. One story she always led with was the fact that she was in charge of ironing the family’s bedding as soon as she was old enough to lift an iron. This was baffling to me. Why on earth would a person iron their sheets? Who cares what a pillowcase looks like? How strange these early decades must have been.

Later in life, while on a family vacation, we stayed in a relatively fancy hotel. Even as a preteen, I fully understood the subtle niceties that came with those five stars. Once upstairs my mother gave the room a quick scan and ran a hand over the crisp, white sheet folded perfectly halfway down the bed. “Ah,” she said… “pressed linens.” I recognized something that day: how the corners of the pillowcases were sharp; the scalloped, lace trim laid flawless against the comforter; the sheet’s decorative edge was so taut and polished. I got it.

Miele B990E Rotary IronWhat I recognized was quality, attention to detail, and a taste of luxury. It was more than just bedding that looked pretty, it was a direct reflection of the level of care that particular resort took in their customer experience.

Resort managers, hotel owners, and bed & breakfast proprietors understand the competitive nature of the business. Setting your establishment apart and ensuring the happiness of visitors is key to repeat customers and those coveted positive reviews.

What Is The Miele B990E

0071107_miele-b990e-rotary-ironMake an investment in your hotel or B&B and guarantee a polished finish to your bedding, tablecloths, napkins, towels and more with the purchase of a rotary iron. The Miele B990E can do it all in a matter of seconds. Here’s how it works…

  • 0071108_miele-b990e-rotary-ironThe Miele Rotary Iron heats up in under five minutes.
  • Using the simple foot pedal, the heated roller will turn at the speed you set.
  • Without any effort, feed the fabric through the roller and allow the rotary iron to press and heat the material on both sides, simultaneously
  • The fabric carefully and lightly folds on the other side and cools without creating more wrinkles.

Flawless ironing can be accomplished from the comfort of a seated position, making it fit for anyone to accomplish. You won’t believe how quickly you can knock out your entire laundry pile!

In-House Laundry Care

0071110_miele-b990e-rotary-ironDoes your establishment offer in-house dry cleaning or fabric care? The Miele B990E does more than just sheets. It’s also the fastest way to press clothing, even difficult items like dress shirts or delicate materials.

You can’t trust just any iron to care for the attire of your clients. The Miele B990E has temperature selection with fabric indicators to ensure professional results without burns or sheen.



  • A – Conveniently located, right at your fingertips, Temperature Indicator Lamp, Speed Selector, and On-Off Switch.
  • B – Temperature Selector
  • C – Heater Plate – Finger Guard
  • D – Roller
  • E – Feed Board
  • F – Ironing Table
  • G – Foot Pedal Switch

How To Order Yours

You won’t find the Miele B990E Rotary Iron in your average big-box store. In fact, the Miele corporation is so incredibly choosy with their vendors, it’s difficult to find a US retailer at all. Thankfully, the online market has made purchasing this German export a little easier.

Take an in depth look at the Miele B990E and order yours HERE
Look at the Professional Miele HM16-80 Rotary Iron HERE

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