A College Student’s Guide To Laundry

When I was a freshman in college, my roommate and I shared a small apartment near campus. It may have been tiny and had next to no amenities, but we loaded it with pink pillows and floral scented candles and it was home sweet home. Those 900 square feet gave us independence, responsibility, and a dozen other valuable life lessons. What it didn’t give us was a washer & dryer.

As millions of college students head to their dorms, apartments, frat houses, and studios this September, whether for the first time or the last, all those convenient loads of laundry they did while back home with mom or dad come to an end. College laundry requires more than just a box of soap and some softener. There’s a whole line of products dedicated to simplifying the all the nuances of laundry on the go and we’ve gathered the top five MVP’s – most valuable products.

Rolling Pop-Up Hamper

Household Essentials Rolling Pop Up Hamper Oatmeal 4 Casters 2032The Rolling Pop-Up Hamper may as well have college student printed all over it.

  • Spring form, steel frame pops up and folds back down flat for simple storage
  • Four casters along the bottom allow you to wheel a heavy load down the hall or to the car
  • 45″ shoulder strap lets you carry the bag wherever you need to go
  • A drawstring cord top closes easy and a cordlock keeps it closed
  • Under $30.00

Lingerie Wash Bag With PVC Balls

Household Essentials Lingerie Wash Bag With PVC Balls 127This Lingerie Wash Bag is an absolute must to care for lingerie, bathing suits, and delicate materials.

  • Includes a super durable, mesh bag with zipper closure
  • Two PVC balls featuring rounded fingers help massage and separate fabrics gently while in the wash
  • Fewer loads: Saves you time and money by allowing you to place “Hand Wash Only” items in the same load as other clothing while still keeping everything separate
  • Under $10.00

Over The Door Drying Rack

Leifheit Quartett Laundry Drying Rack #81410Saving space means making use out of every nook and cranny, just like this Over-The-Door Drying Rack.

  • Can be hung over doors, walls, balconies, showers, or even banisters
  • The hooks have 12 positions to fit spaces from 1.25″ wide to 4.25″ wide
  • Four drying rods offer up to 6 feet of drying space
  • Includes a 2 year warranty
  • Under $20.00

Table-Top Ironing Board

Household Essentials Handy Board Table Top Ironing Board #122101A real life, “don’t leave home without it.” A Table-Top Ironing Board – available in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Folds completely flat for easy storage
  • Can also be hung from the back of a door or in a closet
  • Steel mesh board and legs add durability and stability
  • Includes a washable pad and cover
  • Can be set atop a desk, table, bed, or used on the floor
  • Between $10.00 – $25.00

Rowenta DA1560 Compact Travel Iron

Rowenta DA1560 First Class Travel IronBeing low on space is no excuse to go to class wrinkled. Take the Rowenta Compact Travel Iron with you to school!

  • Features powerful steam like a full-sized iron
  • Stainless steel soleplate for optimal steam distribution and ironing results
  • Full range of heat settings
  • Handle folds down into iron for even more compact storage
  • Weighs only 1.65 lbs and folds to 7.8 inches
  • Under $50.00

Even More College Life Solutions

The smart ideas for your college student don’t just end at laundry. Check out these incredible, space-saving solutions and even more at CentralVacuumStores.com!

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