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LauraStar LS-PULSE Ironing Board System

When I was a student, high school seniors were required to take a two-week course during home room preparing the future graduates for adult realities like balancing a checkbook, understanding an apartment lease agreement, and applying for student loans. During one of these special sessions, each student was required to come in dressed as they would for a job interview.

I was fortunate for a lot of reasons. First, my mother had already required I own a basic suit for moments just like this, and second, I knew how to iron. Sadly, numbers of my peers were not so lucky. Wrinkled pants, droopy collars, stained sleeves; they were a pitiful sight indeed. But a valuable lesson was taught that day, despite the embarrassment. In the real world, how you present yourself matters.

LauraStar LS-PULSEThe LauraStar LS-PULSE is designed and built for individuals who understand that simple fact. Individuals dedicated to a polished appearance and the quality care of their clothing. Individuals who make careful selections for their wardrobe and seek to keep items looking like new.

Anyone can own an ironing board. Understand, that’s not what this is. The LauraStar LS-PULSE is a complete ironing system, with an attached iron, smart board, and the absolute highest quality components and innovations.

Treating Fabrics With The LS-Pulse

0080125_laurastar-ls-pulseExceptional fabric care begins with moisture control. Starting with the 3D Active Soleplate iron, the LauraStar PULSE distributes steam and heat evenly, without “spitting” even on low temperatures. The new PULSE steam gives powerful, short bursts of steam to penetrate dense fabrics like wool or denim. Combined with 3 bars of constant steam pressure, nothing will leave your fabrics refreshed like a LauraStar ironing system.

0080119_laurastar-ls-pulseBut true garment care is more than just getting moisture in, it’s equally important to properly remove it so as to not burn a material or create future wrinkles. That’s where the LauraStar ACTIVE Board comes to play. By powering the table’s built-in vacuum, moisture is processed through each fiber and out the bottom of the board, not left to linger and damage the material. The vacuum also acts as a third hand, smoothing and holding a fabric in place while you iron.

0080158_laurastar-ls-pulseFor delicate fabrics, simply flip the switch and activate the blower fan. Imagine ironing silks and other light materials on a cloud of air. It makes it almost impossible to burn or over steam sensitive materials. Plus, the LS-PULSE includes the Softpressing Shoe, an attachment that creates an ultra gentle barrier between delicate fabrics and a fabric.

Perhaps even more incredible than these features is the innovative additions only found on LauraStar, like the Automatic Steam. Once activated, a simple forward motion of your wrist tells the system to produce steam. Move the iron backwards and the steam is ceased. This symbiotic relationship with you iron means you’ll cut your work time in half!

Watch The LauraStar LS-PULSE In Action

LauraStar Features & Benefits

  • PULSE steam bursts – Powerful, short bursts of steam just like the professionals use
  • Professional 3D Active Soleplate –  diffuses steam and heat evenly, eliminating heat or water spots like you find in less quality irons
  • Automatic Steam – with just a movement of your wrist, steam is turned on making quick work of your ironing
  • Auto Stop – safety power down after 15 minutes, with available bypass.
  • Active Table – A silent blower and vacuum on the board with 2-speeds for cold, crease-free ironing.
  • Foldable board – with six height-adjustment settings, for all ironing requirements.
  • Scale filter – tap water can be used and the iron’s service life is extended.
  • Removable, 5 Cup water tank – uninterrupted ironing without waiting.
  • Ultra fast heat-up – just three minutes
  • Easy-to-move – two pairs of integrated wheels
  • Easy-to-store – only 20 cm when folded

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