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Green Cleaning Starter Package For The Whole Home

May is officially graduation season. With so many youths moving on to the next phase in life, it’s the time of year when your refrigerator door better resembles some kind of paper-maché tribute to success. Whether the majority are finishing high school or college may depend on your age, but the results are the same…time to shop for gifts.

While money is the more familiar gift, this year send the students in your life off with a practical and topical present. The Green Cleaning Starter Package includes items to clean your whole home with Green, environmentally friendly products. The next generation is more environmentally conscious than any before, but no one’s exempt from keeping house!

Green Cleaning Starter Package Includes:

Green Cleaning Benefits

  • Keeping Chemicals Out Of Our Environment: It’s no secret that mankind is responsible for doing more harm than good to planet earth. A large percentage of this is thanks to chemicals and run-off that end up in our air, water, and landfills. With a continued dedication to bringing you powerful cleaning solutions made from bio safe ingredients, Green Logic cleaners are non-toxic and phosphate-free.
  • Cloths Vs. Paper Towels: A standard house cleaning can use a dozen or more paper towels. Glass and mirrors, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and fixtures, dusting tables and surfaces…it adds up to a lot of paper. But the Green Cleaning Kit includes five assorted, microfiber towels, each washable for use after use. Easily rinsed in the sink or washed in the washing machine, these towels are designed for a variety of specific needs to clean your whole house.
  • Safe For Family And Pets: Keeping harsh and dangerous chemicals in a home with pets and children means the necessity of a locked cabinet and a watchful eye. Plus, even adults need to clean with caution, wearing gloves and being sure to keep a space well ventilated. Thankfully, the Green Logic line of cleaners is non-toxic and safe to both keep around the house and use.

Whole House Cleaning

The Green Cleaning Starter Package makes such a great gift because is truly includes everything you need to clean your whole home from top to bottom. Using the hard floor tool, first attach the dry pad for dusting and collecting debris. Then, apply the wet pad and spray the Green Logic Surface cleaner to remove stubborn dirt, smears, or stains. Both pads are washable and reusable. The same Surface Spray can be used for countertops and bathrooms, mirrors and windows. The Green Logic Degreaser is ideal for cook-tops, microwaves, ovens, tile backsplashes or other surfaces that may collect grease or grime.

Whichever cleaner you choose, there’s a cloth to match the need. The Microfiber Capture Cloth is perfect for dusting shelves, tables, knick-knacks, frames, and more. The Super Microfiber Towel is a real powerhouse, utility cloth. Use it for a wide variety of cleaning and items that may need a bit of a scrub. Meanwhile, the Glass & Granite Cloth is designed for gentle, soft cleaning of more delicate surfaces. All are machine washable for repeat use. And the best part, the Green Cleaning Starter Package includes a mesh bag to keep all your products in one place. Finally, the Odor Neutralizer can be used to freshen carpeting or upholstery or just give a room a clean, crisp finish.


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