Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing Table

Let me guess…you want more for your money? Well, that puts you in good company: the entire world. We’re all looking for a way to get the most bang for our buck, and even pinch a few pennies on the way. But that doesn’t mean we’re ok with skimping on quality. Simply put, we want it all.

Unfortunately, “getting it all” isn’t always an option. So when you come across a product or solution that gives you exactly what you need at the fraction of the cost, jump on it! A perfect example of this is the Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing Table.

Before explaining why the Reliable C81 is such an incredible value for the price, it may be beneficial to talk a little about high-quality ironing.

The secret to professional results (literally, what the pros know that you may not) is the delicate control of heat and moisture. Each fiber of a fabric requires the right amount of heat and moisture in order to be refreshed and reshaped. The real trick is to remove that heat and moisture as quickly as possible in order to get that crisp, polished finish and not damage the material.

So how do you heat and cool a fabric while simultaneously wetting and drying it?

Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing TableThe answer lies not in the iron, but in the ironing board.

Professional grade ironing tables feature powerful motor systems built under the board. The motor powers a fan that filters air through the board to gently lift and cool the fabric.

Then, simply flip a switch and the motor operates a medium-suction vacuum. The fabric is pulled tight for crease-free ironing and filters the heat and steam through the material and out the other side, leaving it dry and cool.

What makes the Reliable C81 Ultimate different?

There are several brands who manufacture such tables. To summarize a few, LauraStar systems feature attached irons and range between $2,000 and $3,000. Leifheit also makes a quality product that retails for around $800. But the Reliable C81, which offers the same vacuum and up-air table as the above mentioned, is sold at a fraction of the cost, just under $500.

Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing TableReliable C81 Ultimate Ironing TableReliable Corp is well-known in the professional garment care industry for their extremely high-quality commercial ironing tables and boilers. But you can own a piece of that reputation with their C81 residential board.

Imagine getting the same results the professionals accomplish without a trip to the dry-cleaner or the high cost of the constant care. It’s possible with the C81 Ultimate!

For even more help choosing a professional grade ironing table, call 1-800-221-8227 or visit our Ironing Learning Center.


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