Compare LauraStar Ironing Systems

Some folks have the gift of reading a variety of stats and numbers and visualizing them against each other with ease. But me… not so much. When I’m shopping for something and viewing several similar pieces at once, I need to see them side-by-side. Whether I’m trying on a few sweaters in a department store or comparing the labels of soups cans at the grocery, if I can’t see my options next to each other, I’m lost.

LauraStar Comparison
Select the “Add To Compare” button found underneath the price to see key features of the product against others.

With that in mind, we revamped our website and added a new feature: the COMPARE TOOL. By selecting the “Add To Compare” option on a product you’re viewing you can see it side-by-side against similar items. Choose up to four products to compare! It’s the fastest way to determine which item best meets your needs.

Here’s a sample of what your comparison may look like:
LauraStar Comparison
See how easy it is to differentiate key features and benefits found on some units and not the others? You’re sure to pick the best one!

To utilize the Comparison Tool and shop quality LauraStar products, visit our LauraStar Ironing System page and get started on narrowing your search!


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