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Reliable J420 IronMaven Fabric Steamer & Iron

As the mom of a son, I’m forced to familiarize myself with a wide range of construction equipment. It isn’t enough to simply look at book pages and puzzle pieces and say “truck” or “boat.” At moment’s notice I have to recognize a dump truck, cement mixer, and big-rig, I need to know the difference between a flat head and Philip’s head screw driver, and it’s imperative I pick out the front loader from the bulldozer.

So maybe it stems from my new-found knowledge of industrial machinery, or perhaps the name “IronMaven” paints the picture; whatever the case…I can’t help but imagine an ultra cute tug-boat when I see the Reliable J420 Fabric Steamer and Iron.

Reliable J420 IronMaven Steam IronDon’t let the cute design fool you. The incredible J420 IronMaven is all work and a little play. The idea was to take the best aspects of a fabric steamer and all the must-haves of an iron to make one brilliant combination.

The IronMaven is perfect for use atop an ironing board or placed on the floor to be used as a steamer. Take a look at the different features below.

The J420 IronMaven: An Iron

Ergonomic and environmentally friendly  cork handle.
Ergonomic and environmentally friendly cork handle.

The professional iron is incredibly lightweight (at just 3.1 lbs) and features a high-grade aluminum sole plate. Combining the lithe build with the soft-grift cork handle, the J420 is perfect for long use. Cork is the prime choice for professionals because of its resistance to heat, longevity, and comfort. Also handy for lengthy use is the steam lock. Simply engage the switch to have continuous steam without stop. This is an especially great feature for seamstresses.

The J420 IronMaven: A Fabric Steamer

Concentrated steam holes provide powerful, pressurized steam for fast treatment.

In addition to serving as your day to day iron, the J420 doubles as a high-quality fabric steamer. The J420 features a 5 Cup, 18/10 stainless steel, water tank built into the base of the unit. The water heats up in just 7-8 minutes thanks to the heating element and a light indicator lets you know if it’s time to refill the tank. The high-grade heating element also provides Reliable’s notorious Pressurized Steam. The 50 p.s.i. (3.5 bar) operating pressure pushes dry steam with ultra fine droplets to penetrate fabrics and help refresh and polish your materials.

The J420 also features an 8″ steam cord and powerful upright steam pressure to allow you to treat fabrics like draperies, upholstered furnitures, hanging garments, and more.


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