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LauraStar LIFT+ Steam Generator & Iron System

Is It An Iron Or A Fabric Steamer?

The answer is…yes! The incredible innovators at LauraStar managed to combine all the bullets on your wish-list in one smart package.

The LauraStar LIFT+ Steam Generator & Iron System combines THREE KEY FEATURES:

LauraStar Lift Plus Steam Generator Iron SystemCompact Portability
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Steam cord storage
  • Secure, skid-proof feet
  • Lightweight construction, under 12 pounds
LauraStar Lift Plus Steam Generator Iron SystemHigh-Quality Iron
  • NEW 3D Active soleplate
  • NEW patented PULSE steam
  • Aluminum, brushed finish
  • Lightweight iron, under 3 pounds
  • Included protective soleplate for delicate fabrics
LauraStar Lift Plus Steam Generator Iron SystemPowerful Fabric Steamer
  • Constant steam pressure, 3.5 bars (double volume)
  • Steam ready indicator light
  • Removable water tank
    • Anti-scale filter allows the use of tap water

Additional Features

The LauraStar Lift+ heats up in only 3 minutes making it incredibly fast and easy to use. Even on days when you’re in a hurry, it only takes a plug and a few minutes to get things polished and perfect! The LIFT+ also features the newest innovation from LauraStar, PULSE steam. The steam “pulses” in short intermittent bursts to deeply penetrate even dense fabrics.

You’ll also get to experience LauraStar’s new 3-D Active Soleplate. Steam is diffused evenly thanks to the newly designed iron soleplate, completely refreshing and straightening fabric fibers. It also allows the LIFT+ to act as a fabric steamer because it’s just as powerful in the vertical position.

No matter how you use the LIFT+, as an iron or garment steamer, the lightweight design and convenient carrying handle make it possible. The removable water tank lets you refill the tank mid-use without the need to stop and after ten minutes of non-use, the LIFT+ automatically turns off.

Learn more and order your LauraStar LIFT product HERE



Check out this video to learn more!


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