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Best Ironing Systems & Boards For 2015

We’ve compiled the five best ironing products to compare and contrast and, hopefully, streamline your shopping. Below is a list of our favorite irons, ironing systems, and ironing boards for 2015. No need to look any further…we’ve done the research for you!

Top Five Ironing Systems & Boards For 2015

The LauraStar LS-S7a Ironing System – Under $2,500

Laurastar LS-S7A Ironing SystemNew from LauraStar, the LS-S7a Ironing Center is a complete ironing and steam system in one. The LS-S7a has new innovations like the 3D Active Soleplate, a high-grade aluminum soleplate that flattens wrinkles while simultaneously penetrating the fabric with powerful moisture, and the Active Table, offering both an up-air blower and a powerful vacuum motor. The LS-S7a also features…

    • Automatic steam activated with just the flick of your wrist
    • Hot iron safety storage box
    • Foldable board with six height-adjustment settings
    • Super fast, three minute heating time
    • Two pairs of integrated wheels for easy movement
    • Only 20 cm when folded and stored

The LauraStar LS-S7a Ironing Center has too many features to sum up here. The automatic steam function allows the LS-S7a to understand your natural rhythm and release powerful steam with a simple wrist movement. Nothing is overlooked on this machine, from the thoughtful integrated, skid-proof wheels, to the specially designed Origami ironing cover which combines the perfect breathability and firmness. The LS-S7a is a great option for residential use or light commercial use.

The Iron-A-Way A42 – Between $450 and $600

Iron A Way A42Brilliant, compact, and easy to install. The Iron-A-Way A42 mounts within your wall, between studs, for a discreet ironing cabinet. There are multiple door options at different price points such as birch, raised maple, raised oak, raised pine, flat white, raised white, and even mirrored. The A42 is an electric unit, meaning it’s wired to your home’s electrical system and features a power strip within the cabinet to plug in your iron. You’ll also love the…

  • Bright spotlight
  • Hot iron shelf plus additional storage shelves
  • 60 minute built-in timer for safety
  • Included ironing board pad and cover
  • Height adjustment
  • Garment hook on the door interior

This is an excellent solution for small homes or compact spaces. It’s also a great option for vacation homes, RV’s, yachts & boats, hotel rooms, and more. The Iron-A-Way A42 is even sold without the door to allow the owner to attach a door that matches their particular cabinetry.

The Leifheit Air Active L Steam Ironing Station – Under $800

Leifheit Air Active L Steamer Ironing Station #76076Newer to the ironing game is the Leifheit Air Active L Steam Ironing Station. Though it hasn’t been around as long as some other brands, it’s certainly making waves thanks to its affordability (comparable models from LauraStar can run over $2,000, such as the LS-S7a above.) The Air Active L is a combination steam iron and ironing board featuring…

  • Air blower that pushes air through the board surface to keep fabrics from absorbing too much heat or moisture
  • Vacuum suction via the board to pull fabrics flat and wrinkle free for easy ironing
  • Patented SuperGlide® ironing surface, a resilient, synthetic material providing a smooth ironing surface
  • Powerful, pressurized, extra hot steam to guarantee a professional finish

The Leifheit Air Active L Steam Ironing Station is the complete package at a bargain price. It’s durable enough for a professional setting such as restaurants, hotels, or clothing boutiques but lightweight and versatile enough for at-home use.

The Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing Table – Under $500

Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing TableIf you’re in the market for a quality ironing system without an attached iron, look no further than the Reliable C81 Ultimate. This table features the same up-air blower and powerful vacuum as the Leifheit and LauraStar, but you’re not paying for the attached steam iron. It’s a great choice for someone who loves their current iron or uses a boiler style steam system. The C81 also offers…

  • Heated pressing surface to treat both sides of a fabric in half the time
  • Oversized 16″ x 48.5″ board surface
  • Included board cover and pad that provide breathability and a firm pressing structure
  • Tube frame legs construction for lightweight stability
  • Hot iron wire rack at rear of board
  • Extra wire rack underneath board to hold ironing accessories or pending items

Reliable is a well known brand in the ironing world for good reason. As one of the most popular manufacturers in the commercial garment-care industry, there’s really no surprise they’ve made such a mark in the residential community, as well. The C81 Ultimate Ironing Table is as high-quality and high-tech an ironing board as you can get.

The LauraStar Lift+ Steam Generator & Iron – Under $800

LauraStar Lift+ Steam Iron SystemBrand new for 2015 is the LauraStar Lift Plus Steam Generator & Iron. We love this product because it compact, versatile, and just plain cute! Available in PinkyPop (shown), Black, and White, these pint-sized steamers pack a large-sized punch. The Lift+ has a simple carrying handle and lightweight design that allows you to take the unit wherever it’s needed. Place atop an ironing board to iron clothes, carry to the window to treat your draperies, place on the floor and steam hanging clothes…it’s your new best friend! Further benefits include…

  • Removable water tank for mid-use refilling
  • High-grade aluminum iron soleplate
  • Fast, three minute heating time
  • Vertical steam function to powerfully steam drapes, upholstery, hanging garments, and more
  • Included protective soleplate cover for delicate fabrics
  • Easy storage; steam tank base unites with the iron and steam cord in one compact package

The LauraStar Lift+ is more than just an iron, it’s a home electronic. It’s also a great solution for anyone who regularly takes items to the dry-cleaners, as the powerful steam can refresh clothing and extend your wardrobe between cleanings. Whatever your situation, we can all use a little more versatility and the Lift+ truly delivers.

Where can I get one?

As promised, these ironing products are the best of the best and aren’t found in your average big-box store. Fortunately, they can be easily purchased online through certified retailers. For more information or to order any of the above items, click on their image to be taken to their shopping page or call 1-800-221-8227 and order over the phone.


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