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Reliable PRONTO P7 Hand Held Fabric Steamer and Steam Cleaner

As a new mom, I’m guilty of supplying my baby with any gadget or gizmo the stores tell me I need. Toys that promote motor skills, play mats to build neck strength, books for vision development, teethers designed for gum health…if you can convince me there’s a benefit for my little man, I’ll buy it.

But because my home now resembles a daycare, I’m trying my best to stay on top of all the extra cleaning. Because anything my guy can get his hands on, he can get his mouth on, and that doesn’t just end with his toys. Floors, TV remotes, chair legs, anything is fair game! So…

  • How do I clean a variety of surfaces in the few minutes of free time I have?
  • How do I safely clean without leaving dangerous chemicals behind?
  • How can I be sure I’m really killing germs and bacteria?
Reliable-P7 (1)
–“The Reliable PRONTO Hand-Held Steam Gun is 1 tool to sanitize and disinfect 101 surfaces!”

Imagine cleaning your whole home using nothing but water and a handheld utensil. That’s what you get with the Reliable P7 Pronto! No more harsh chemicals; no more cabinet full of assorted cleaners. The Reliable Pronto Hand-Held Steam Gun is 1 tool to sanitize and disinfect 101 surfaces!

The Pronto P7 reaches a steam tip temperature of 245º F. To put that into perspective, that’s hot enough to kill a cold virus, salmonella, bacteria, and even bed bugs & lice!

Using the included 15 piece attachment set, almost every surface in your home can be cleaned.

Reliable-P7-accessoriesUse the window cleaning blade to get a streak free mirror, shower inclosure, or window. The two, nylon brushes can be used to lightly scrub sinks, tile, toilets, or other hard surfaces. The brass brush is ideal for tougher scrubbing like BBQ grills or tile grout. There’s also a fabric attachment and pad to refresh upholstery, draperies, and clothing.

But perhaps my favorite aspect is the steam itself. Because the extra hot water is all you need to disinfect and sanitize a surface, you no longer need to worry about the chemicals you used to use in your home. Bleach, ammonia, sulfates, and other dangerous toxins are why we keep locks on the cabinet under our sink! But now, I can trade each of those spray bottles for just one Pronto P7!

Eliminating those chemicals from your home comes with another bonus: it’s environmentally friendly!

  • Less plastic waste making the bottles and containers for your old cleaners
  • Less toxic waste without those chemicals
  • Less paper waste because you’ll no longer be reaching for the paper towels!

P7_hose_nozzle_handleSo what’s my favorite part? When I get to line up bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and toys and simply steam them clean using the steam-gun attachment! Next, I hit the diaper pail & changing table followed by the crib rails and play mat. My final stop is the car seat straps and bouncer attachments. And just like that…my sweet boy is ready to play (and chew) on all his favorites without me having to worry! The powerful 4 bars of steam pressure and piping hot heat did all the work for me!

We’re ready to tell you all about the exceptional features found on the Reliable Pronto P7 Had-Held Steam Cleaner. Just call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with a cleaning specialist or visit HERE to order one yourself!


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