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Reliable J490A IronMaven Steam Iron

I recently had a friend tell me a story about her irons. Over time, she had accumulated two irons; one that was lightweight and easy to use but had a broken steam function and one that had powerful steam but couldn’t be used for ironing because it was notorious for burn spots. As she explained her routine of juggling two irons to treat fabrics, I couldn’t help but blurt out, “That is so ridiculous!”

If you can believe it, I hear these things all the time. Now perhaps you’re not a seamstress using her iron daily, but even occasional ironers deserve better than a garage sale find with a broken steamer. Ironing is tedious, we all know this. So make it a little less work by owning the right tools.

Reliable J490A IronMaven Steam IronThe Reliable J490A IronMaven Steam Iron combines the absolute best of both worlds. It functions as a powerful and portable fabric steamer while doubling as a high-quality, lightweight iron.Let’s start with the steam…

The IronMaven J490A’s 2.74 cup tank heats up in only five minutes. The J490A also features Reliable’s patented CSS Technology: the removable tank can be refilled mid-use, allowing you unlimited continuous steam. In addition to being more convenient than your conventional steam iron, the J490A offers better steam, pressurized at 50 psi (pounds per square inch.)

J490A_soleplate_tnNot to be upstaged, the ironing function of the Reliable J490A is also exceptional. Focusing on the need for long, comfortable use, the J490A iron features incredibly lightweight construction. The commercial grade aluminum soleplate offers near weightless movement and distributes heat evenly across the iron. You’ll never go back to your old iron after holding the comfortable, ergonomic, cork handle. Not only an environmentally friendly material, but also naturally resistant to heat and wear & tear.


The control panel makes using the Reliable J490A so simple! With separate power switches for the steamer and the iron surface, you’re free to use both independently or together. The easy temperature setting ensures you get the right amount of heat no matter what fabric you’re treating and the steam power knob takes you from max steam production to less.

The high-grade interior components are what Reliable is best known for. When you purchase a Reliable appliance, you can expect durability, quality, and longevity. From the stainless steel water tank to the brass heating element, the Reliable J490A is a steam iron that will keep you and your fabrics happy for years!


  • CSS™ – Standard
  • Electrical – 110V/120V
  • Water Capacity – 2.74 cups – 0.65L
  • Operating pressure 58 p.s.i. – 4 bar
  • Wattage – 1450W/1750W
  • Iron – 3.1lb – 1.4kg
  • Power consumption – 13.18 amps (110V)
  • Tank construction Stainless Steel 18/10
  • Low water indicator – Standard
  • Electrical approval ETL
  • Dimensions – net 14.1” x 10.6” x 10.8”

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