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LauraStar Premium S3 Ironing System

Quality and luxury are not always the same thing. I recently purchased an item that was, in my mind, a real luxury. I went ahead and spent the money, despite the more affordable options available, and I expected the product to be pretty exceptional for the cost. What a disappointment! All that money spent only to be unsatisfied. Sometimes, you’re only paying for a name-brand, not a better product.

But knowing when it’s a pretty package covering an average product is tough. We always suggest our customers read reviews and ask the experts in order to make the best decision possible. It’s your hard-earned money…spend it wisely! At Central Vacuum, we’ve spent the past sixty years collecting only products we’re proud to sell. So when I tell you that the LauraStar Premium-S3 is worth every penny, you can take me at my word.

The Premium S3 is LauraStar’s base model ironing center. It’s made with LauraStar’s exceptional quality control and high-grade components but doesn’t feature the more expensive options. This helps to keep the S3 affordable.

LauraStar Premium S3

An all-in-one unit, the Premium S3 is your ironing board, steamer, and iron in one. Starting with the board, the patented “Easy Fold Technology” allows the unit to be compactly stored even in tight quarters. Your purchase also includes the professional ironing board cover. The cover is designed specifically to fit snuggly on your LauraStar and is made of breathable, durable fabric.

LauraStar Hot iron storage box
LauraStar hot iron storage box

At the rear of the board is the iron safety box to store even warm or hot irons. It also holds the iron when you fold the unit into its compact position.


Within the unit’s legs is the removable 1.3 Quart water reservoir. This water tank provides¬†LauraStar’s professional steam. The Premium S3 features their patented “Double Volume Steam.” This means the steam heated first in the boiler, slightly cooled and then heated a second time inside the iron. By using this technique, the S3 can produce 211 quarts of steam per minute, and, perhaps more importantly, produces steam even at low temperatures. No longer will you need to have your silks or delicates pressed by a dry-cleaner. The LauraStar Premium S3 is ready to tackle anything!

Working with the LauraStar Premium S3 will be like no other ironing experience. This will be the exceptional, high-end product you were hoping for! And when you factor in the money you’ll save with less trips to the dry-cleaner, in time the LauraStar Premium S3 will pay for itself!

Get pricing and learn more about the S3 HERE!

Included Accessories:

Laura star aqua filter refill
MyCover Quality Cover
Aqua Refill (1)
Softpressing Soleplate Coolmat Insulating Mat Rinse Me Drain Tray Aqua S Line Integrated Filter Solder S Line Cable Holder

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