Iron-A-Way E-342 Wall Mounted Ironing Center

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend focusing on the customization of things that once came standard. On a T.V. commercial for a large furniture store, they’re advertising a new program that allows you to “build your own sofa,” choosing the style, one of fifty fabrics, one of five leg styles, and coordinating throw pillows. At my local car dealer, a lobby computer is available for customers to design their own car from the wheel rims to the interior fabrics. Even the technology companies are getting on board with phones that come with optional colors and cases. The facts are simple: Consumers are no longer settling for “one style fits all.”

Todays article is featuring a product that launches from that same principle. The Iron-A-Way Ironing Centers were designed with exactly that in mind. Start with a base product and let the customer choose the rest! Admit it…you like getting your way!

Iron-A-Way E-342 Ironing Center
Iron-A-Way E-342 Ironing Center

The Iron-A-Way E-342 is one of my favorite Iron-A-Way models. Situated in the middle of their full line of products, the E-342 offers exceptional features and affordability.

An Electric-Ready Option:

The E-342 includes an electrical component that allows your iron to plug directly into an outlet located on the unit. This does, however, require the necessary electrical wiring to function. Electrical models are prewired so they only need to be pigtailed with the incoming electrical wire. The pigtails are located at the bottom of the electrical raceway. If you choose an area featuring an electrical outlet, the necessary wiring will be behind the drywall. And, because the unit will need to be installed between the studs, you’ll easily have access to the wires likely running within the same opening. (Watch our installation video.)

Recessed Wall Installation:

Installing the E-342 is simple following the easy instructions included with your order. The unit is designed to fit between wall studs making securing the box a breeze. Choosing a recessed Iron-A-Way unit like the E-342 makes for a more custom look in your home and saves space! (Take a look at the specifications and measurements.)

iron_storageHot Storage Shelf:

The top shelf on the E-342 features a special lining that allows it to safely store a hot iron. It also offers a second shelf just deep enough for your starch, spritz bottle, or other ironing necessities.

Now For The Customization:

Customizing the Iron-A-Way E-342 is half the fun! Choose from the below six door options, right or left hinged opening, and several additional features to make this unit truly your own! Take a look at all your choices below and visit the Iron-A-Way E-342 Page to place your order!

Door Options:

  • Birch Flat with Left Hinge
  • Birch Flat with Right Hinge
  • Maple Raised with Left Hinge
  • Maple Raised with Right Hinge
  • Mirror with Left Hinge
    • Has chrome edge on top and bottom
  • Mirror with Right Hinge
    • Has chrome edge on top and bottom
  • Oak Raised with Left Hinge
  • Oak Raised with Right Hinge
  • Pine Raised with Left Hinge
  • Pine Raised with Right Hinge
  • White Flat with Left Hinge
  • White Flat with Right Hinge
  • White Raised with Left Hinge
  • White Raised with Right Hinge
  • No Door –
    • Includes Hinge
  • No Door –
    • No Hinge

Additional Options:

  • Ironing Board Swivel Option
  • Hot Iron Rest
  • Built-in Spot Light
  • Electric Cord Wrap
  • Garment Bar
  • Sleeve Board
  • Surface Mount Trim
  • Extra Cover & Pad Set
  • 60 Inch Metal Door Overlay
    • Available in white, biscuit, charcoal, black, and stainless

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