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Reliable V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron

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Has it been a while since you’ve had the iron out? Have you started skipping outfits that need more maintenance? Is your dry-cleaning bill getting out of control? Yea, I’ve been there.

Maybe it isn’t the task you hate as much as the tool. Using a dated or dingy iron can be frustrating. Older irons tend to be heavier and lack the modern amenities we’ve come to expect with all our appliances.

A perfect example of the latest technology combined with quality, tried-and-true construction is the Reliable V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron.

Reliable V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron
The Reliable V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron

The Reliable V200 features tested components such as the anodized aluminum soleplate and magnesium inner plate proven to evenly distribute heat across the iron and make for a lighter structure.

The 1800W heating element allows for a faster heat-up time and maintains the temperature over an extended period of use. The V200 incorporates a dual internal heating and pump system that produces more continuous steam than conventional irons. This guarantees a professional finish to your garments by allowing continuous steam even at a low sole plate temperature.

The quality interior components are what make Reliable irons both long-lasting and extremely durable. But the real excitement comes packaged in all the bells and whistles.

TouchSteam Activation
TouchSteam Activation

The Touch Steam Activation: Something you’d never see in your mom’s iron! 

A built-in sensor found on the handle that recognizes a user’s touch…absolutely brilliant! When holding the sensor, steam is activated and maintains its power as long as the sensor is covered. Once you remove your hand, the steam is disengaged. For those of us who iron on a regular basis, we understand how much time and energy this amazing feature will save! The TouchSteam Activation helps the V200 double as a fabric steamer, too!

Steam Ready Option

Steam Ready Technology: A quilter and sewer’s dream!

Created with the quilter and seamstress in mind, Reliable’s Steam Ready™ function will revolutionize the way you iron. Imagine you’ve started a project and need to complete an intricate stitch or seam but your old iron’s auto shut-off would leave you in the cold. There’s no need to rush with the V200. When Steam Ready is activated, the standard 8 minute auto shutoff is bypassed allowing the iron to stay on indefinitely – or until the iron is unplugged or turned off. Your Reliable iron will be ready to prep the next fabric when you are. But don’t worry about your kids plugging it in tomorrow. The Steam Ready function must be manually reset with each use, making it safe for your family.

Concentrated steam holes at the tip
Concentrated steam holes at the tip


  • Easy to read temperature display to eliminate mistakes
  • Concentrated steam holes at the tip to give you focused, powerful steam – helps tackle tough wrinkles!
  • Patented dual heating elements – first heats the steam in the chamber and then again at the soleplate ensuring you can steam delicate materials (like silk) that require low temperatures
  • Anti-Calc Cartridge allows you to use basic tap water to refill your steam basin
  • Unique flexible power cord to give you easy movement as you iron
  • Focus on lightweight design from interior to exterior


  • Electrical – 110V
  • Water capacity 1.25 cups – 300 ml
  • Wattage – 1800W
  • Elements – 2
  • Maximum pressure – 15 or 30g/min.
  • Steam generator type – Yes
  • Continuous steam – Yes
  • Automatic shut-off – 8 Minute
  • Bypass auto shut-off – Yes
  • Soleplate – Anodized Aluminum / Magnesium
  • Built-in Anti-scale cartridge – Yes
  • Power consumption – 13 amps
  • Weight – 3.75 lbs
  • Cord length – 8.2 ft
  • Electrical approval – cETLus
  • Unit dimensions – 12.5″ x 5″ x 7″

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