NuTone AVDCPN Ironing Board Cover Pad

I love older homes with character and story. And, with the popularity of home improvement television, I have the opportunity to tour multiple homes around the world in a short, thirty minute program! Whenever I’m watching one of these episodes I almost always cheer for the fixer-up homes with quirky rooms and charming details. And when the potential buyers turn up their noses at something I think is adorable, I immediately discredit their taste.

This happened recently on one of my favorite shows. The realtor chose to show this particular couple an older, diamond in the rough, colonial that I absolutely loved. About halfway through the tour, the potential buyer opened a closet door in the mudroom to reveal a built-in, wall mounted ironing board. I knew right away it was a NuTone product but before I could even shout at the T.V. how great it was the homebuyer was adding up the cost of removing it. What? Removing a custom item that is designed to save you space and add value to your home? When they ended up choosing another house I was glad. They didn’t deserve a NuTone ironing board.

NuTone AVDCPN Cover Pad
NuTone AVDCPN Cover Pad

If you recognize how beneficial your NuTone ironing board is to your daily life, then allow me to recommend an easy update. Over time, residues, stains, and burn marks can damage your ironing board cover. Fortunately, a Replacement NuTone AVDCPN Cover Pad is both inexpensive and easy to apply.

NuTone AVDCPN Cover PadThe AVDCPN Cover will replace the AVD40KN, AVD40WN, AVD40N, and AVD50N NuTone Ironing Board models. (It will likely fit if you have an older model, as well. Simply measure your board to confirm it is 42″ long.) The board cover dimensions are 43″L x 15″W and it connects using easy drawstring ties.

For more information on the Replacement NuTone AVDCPN Cover Pad, call 1-800-221-8227 or visit our website.


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