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Stow Away In-Wall Ironing Board

My home is currently in the throes of a master bath addition. The trick (aside from adding a bathroom where one did not before exist) is working within a small amount of space while meeting multiple demands. The space we’re transitioning into a bathroom is currently our laundry room. Needless to say, it will now need to work as both with the washer and dryer being housed in an adjoining utility closet.

I mean this quite literally…every square inch of space has to function efficiently in order to pull off this renovation.

With that said, I’ve discovered my present, full size ironing table is not going to make the cut. I just don’t have the space to store it. So in its place, I’m opting for a more practical, more compact solution. A Stow Away In Wall Ironing Board.

Stowaway In-Wall Ironing Board
Stowaway In-Wall Ironing Board

The Stow Away Ironing Board system is the perfect answer to your small space needs. Acting as both storage solution and ironing board, the Stow Away unit can be discreetly mounted in any small area such as laundry rooms, walk in closets, or hallways. It’s also a great product for uncommon spaces like boats, R.V.’s, dressing rooms, clothing retailers, and more!

The StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board comes with a manual and a step by step instructional DVD for an easy installation. It’s designed specifically to fit in between standard wall framing studs and requires less than seven inches for recessed installation.

The patented board swivels 180' for full use!
The patented board swivels 180′ for full use!

Key Factors For Installation:

  • Unit measures: 47.6″ H x 15.6″ W x 7.8″ D
  • Board measures: 41″ long x 11-3/4″ wide
  • Will require 66 inches of clearance for the full swivel feature
  • Place near an electrical outlet to power your iron
  • Take a look at the INSTALLATION MANUAL HERE

The two included shelves are a great addition for storing all your necessary ironing tools. The top shelf even features a heat-resistant finish allowing you to put away a hot iron. The convenient hook located on the interior of the door is ideal for hanging finished garments and to double as cord management while you iron. The Stow Away truly covers everything!

The Stow Away In Wall Ironing Board is available in a crisp, pre finished white as well as an unfinished oak meant for staining. Either finish can be painted to custom match the decor of your home. Both cabinet doors feature a stylish inlay sure to complement any room.

Pre-finished white can be kept as-is or painted to match your wall!
Pre-finished white can be kept as-is or painted to match your wall!
The unfinished oak is ready to be stained or primed and painted.
The unfinished oak is ready to be stained or primed and painted.

Additional accessories are also available for the Stow Away In Wall Ironing Board. For more information VISIT OUR WEBSITE or call the team at 1-800-221-8227. If you’re like me and desperate to save every inch of space in your home, the Stow Away Ironing Board may be just for you!


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