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Buying A New Ironing Board

Sure, crafting has been a favorite pastime long before Victorian homes were filled with cross-stitch patterns and even before Egyptian housewives painted pottery. But recently, websites like Pinterest and Etsy have made crafting less like a hobby of leisure and more like an Olympic sport. Women and men alike have turned basic ideas into art. Ever wanted to make a cute dress from your husband’s old shirt? There’s a pattern for that! Love the art poster you found at Restoration Hardware? There’s a screen print for that!

If you’re one of the millions who have been caught up in this creative trend, odds are your ironing board has taken a beating. Burn marks, seeped glue, and iron-on residue coats the surface of your cover, staining or damaging the next material. And the board itself creaks every time it opens and is wobbly and uneven once you’ve finally got it up. Face it, it’s time for a new one!

Treat yourself to a new ironing board and make your crafting a little easier!
Treat yourself to a new ironing board and make your crafting a little easier!

But how do you buy the perfect ironing board?

  1. Give some thought to how much you’re using this favorite household tool and the kinds of projects you’re taking on.
  2. Determine how much space you have to store a new board.
  3. Consider any additional features you may need from a board such as vacuum or up air or an included iron.
  4. Set a budget.

Purchasing a new ironing board can be fun because it’s finally a chance to get exactly what you need! Plus, it’s the opportunity to solve issues you may not have considered before like saving space or better treating the materials you’re working with. Any true crafter needs the right tools and a new ironing board can go a long way.

Take a look at the many options below and choose the best fit for your ironing needs. If you have any questions, phone the team at Central Vacuum Stores at 1-800-221-8227 and let them help you choose. While you’re at it, tell them about your recent project. We’ve got a bunch of crafters here, too!

Wide Top Boards

Wide Top Boards
Great for bulk fabrics and a good choice for quilters
Standard Boards

Standard Size Boards
A foldable, classic option with minimal bells & whistles
Ironing Tables

Ironing Tables
Will feature vacuum, up-air, and/or a wider surface
Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted
A variety of compact systems that can be mounted
Cabinet Fold Out Board

Cabinet Folding Out Board
Folds in and out of standard cabinet drawers
Vac and Air Boards

Vac and Air Boards
Boards featuring the vacuum or up-air motors
Ironing Systems

Ironing Systems
Boards featuring an included, attached iron
Over the Door

Over the Door Boards
Space saving options that hang over a door
Table Top and Sleeve Boards

Table Top and Sleeve Boards
Small boards for tabletop or sleeve additions

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