Better Lifestyle Ironing Center

Better Lifestyle Compact Wall Mounted Lifestyle Ironing Center

It happens every year the same way. The mounting excitement, the building desire, the unbridled hopes of a beautifully decorated home…dashed away as soon as the boxes are down from the attic. It’s the holidays.

This year, after stepping off the ladder with those spirit filled plastic bins, I was struck more than usual by just how small my home is. The thing about putting up Christmas decorations is that you also have to find a new place for the current decorations. Sure, the mantle display with stockings and my prize collection of glass Christmas trees is beautiful. But finding a place to store the family photos and decorative knick-knacks typically exhibited is near impossible. How is it that every closet, every shelf in my home is filled?

This problem is universal. We’re all looking for more space in our homes. But what many of us really need is to simply better utilize every square inch. The Better Lifestyle OSUM-01 Compact Ironing Center can help you achieve just that!


Mount the unit to the wall...
Mount the unit to the wall…
Slide the cover down…
Unfold the ironing board...
Unfold the ironing board…
180 degree movement!
and enjoy 180 degree movement!

The OSUM-01 Compact Ironing Center is great for use in laundry rooms, dressing rooms, closets, apartments, dress shops, hallways, and more! Installation is easy and the unit includes a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Includes iron rest, ironing board cover,and all required mounting hardware. Replacement ironing board covers are also available. Dimensions – 34 1/2″ L x 12″ W x 4 1/4″ D.

To learn more, VISIT HERE!


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