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Organizing Your Craft Supplies: Holiday Edition

The first Christmas my husband and I were married I got it in my head how sweet and domesticated it would be to send out handmade holiday cards to our family and friends (a list of around 45 people.) I went to my local craft store and gathered all the supplies I needed; card stock, decorative paper, little holiday embellishments, glitter, and a full cart of stuff I’m probably forgetting. You can likely guess how this ambition shaped up. With only ten cards completed and a dining room table destroyed by glue and paper shavings, Santa himself couldn’t salvage my holiday spirit.

Despite that initial setback, my love for crafting continued on. Though I did learn to set more realistic boundaries, I still take on some whoppers every now and then. And over the years I’ve managed to collect a pretty serious treasure-trove of craft supplies. Any fellow crafter knows that craft materials can be expensive, so storing what you have for next time is important. Here’s a list of options from Household Essentials to help you get organized this holiday season. Believe me, you’d rather be organizing that craft closet than trying to stencil “Merry Christmas” in glitter 45 times.

Household Essentials 512 Vision Storage Box Med.
Household Essentials 512 Vision Storage Box Medium

One of my favorite storage solutions is the Vision Box Series from Household Essentials. Because this set has a clear, plastic window along the front I’m able to see exactly what’s stored inside. Anyone who battles with taking down box after box searching for the item they’re looking for understands: the Vision Storage Series saves you time and headaches.

Household Essentials 510-3 3pc Vision Box SetThe Medium Vision Storage Box is 8.5″ high x 12.25″ wide x 13.25″ deep. This allows you to store standard 12×12 scrapbooking paper flat, keeping it from bending or wrinkling, along with anything else you need. You can also choose from the matching Small Vision Storage Box measuring at 5.5″ high x 12.25″ wide x 13.25″ deep, or the Large Vision Storage Box 8″ high x 24.25″ wide x 13.25″ deep. Or, better yet, opt for the 3-Piece Vision Storage Set and bring a little calm to your clutter!

Household Essentials 1113 Medium Storage Box Olive w:Sonic TrimIf you don’t quite have the luxury of keeping your craft supplies hidden away, perhaps opt for a more decorative solution. Household Essentials also carries a line of decorator style storage boxes in Olive Green, Canvas, Ivory, Fog, and Straw with Red Accents. Each set offers a different assortment of solutions from standard boxes with lids to over-the-door shoe caddies.

Household Essentials 64001 Brick Canvas Medium Tapered BinStorage bins can also be a great system for your smallest crafters. Choose bins without lids to create easy access for children. Use these bins to place supplies they can handle unsupervised like construction paper, crayons, stickers, or coloring books. Giving kids the ability to choose for themselves can be exciting and an open bin promotes easy clean-up when craft time is over. Storing supplies that require mom’s help, like scissors or glue, in a location out of reach simplifies your life and gives you some peace of mind!

Household Essentials ML-6015 Paper Baskets Red and White Dots Set of 3Sometimes, what’s most frustrating are the small, hard to find supplies I always seem to need. Things like small embellishments for scrapbook pages, patterned hole-punches, or decorative stamps get lost in a large storage container. If that’s the case for you, take a look at these 3-Piece Designer Paper BasketsHousehold Essentials ML-7021 Paper Rope Lg Basket-Stained Set of 3

Ranging in sizes and available in rectangles or squares, these baskets are perfectly suited to house your smaller crafting items. And with multiple colors and patterns, you’re sure to find a match for the decor in your home! But the bonus is, they’re cute enough to use around the house!

The holidays give us lots of excuses to put on our creative hats and craft something beautiful. Take the opportunity to tackle a challenging craft and also tackle that jumbled craft closet. Whether you’re making a beautiful wreath or a beautiful Christmas card, it’s time to make a beautiful storage solution!


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