LauraStar Magic i-S6 Ironing System

A friend and I recently took a girls-only, long weekend trip to New York City. Along with a ballet, a lot of food, and a few sights, the primary goal of the trip was to enjoy some city shopping. (Well, that and an opportunity to ditch husbands and kids.) We indeed took our task to heart. Between the two of us, we covered more miles than the New York City Marathon in Bloomingdale’s alone.

If, like us, you have a weakness for exquisite fabrics, gorgeous embellishments, and high-fashion designs, a shopping trip with a girlfriend can be the highlight of your year. But those designer duds come at a price, and I don’t just mean on the tag. Anyone who cares about fashion must also care for their fashion.

LauraStar Magic i-S6 Ironing System
LauraStar Magic i-S6 Ironing System

Maintaining delicate or expensive fabrics is a real chore. But trusting your favorite designer jacket to a neighborhood dry-cleaner can be just as troublesome. Your finely cultivated wardrobe deserves only the best and LauraStar understands just what you need.

LauraStar’s exceptional quality control and high-grade components have furthered their reputation for outstanding ironing systems. And the Swiss eye for modern and innovative design has made for a beautiful product.

Learn more about LauraStar Ironing Products HERE

LauraStar's patented "Easy-Fold" makes storing the unit a breeze!
LauraStar’s patented “Easy-Fold” makes storing the unit a breeze!

The LauraStar Magic i-S6 Ironing System covers your ironing, pressing, and steaming needs all in one unit. Never again do you need to get out an ironing board, an iron, a steamer, and a press on laundry day. The Magic i-S6 features everything you need and even folds into a compact size for storage.

Let’s take the MAGiiC Active Table for example featuring multi-powered vacuum and fan technology. Activated as soon as you lift the iron, the vacuum motor pulls steam through each fiber of your material and out the board’s base. By moving moisture through a fabric, you’re able to release stubborn wrinkles expeditiously and efficiently. The powerful suction also quickly dries your material, permanently setting the threads into place, saving you time.

With a simple switch, the vacuum motor becomes a powerful fan blower, lifting your materials onto a cloud of air. Perfect for your delicates, the light air pressure eliminates the threat of burning or overheating and keeps the material from absorbing too much steam moisture. The LauraStar i-S6 gives you that polished finish you’ve never been able to accomplish before.

MAGIC-i-S6_ironThe LauraStar Magic i-S6 also features the first LiiGHT Professional Iron. It’s so lightweight and easy to use, you won’t experience the same fatigue you did with your old iron. Plus, the LiiGHT features the new CLiiCK Intuitive Automatic Steam function. With the slight movement of your wrist, your LauraStar Magic i-S6 will automatically activate steam as you motion the iron forward. Once you stop or motion the iron backwards, the steam shuts off.

Compare the LauraStar Magic i-S6 with the Premium S3 and S4 systems HERE.

Take a look at the additional features of the Magic i-S6 below. To learn more and order yours today WITH FREE SHIPPING, visit HERE!

LauraStar i-S6 Features and Benefits
LauraStar i-S6 Features and Benefits

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