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Compact Ironing Boards: Small In Size But Big In Benefits

This past weekend my family and I hopped on a plane and traveled up north for a cousin’s wedding. The tough part about traveling for an event is the formal attire also making the trip. When we arrived at the hotel and unpacked our suitcases, we inevitably found wrinkled jackets and creased dress shirts. My husband (being the man that he is) set out to find the provided iron and ironing board in the hotel closet. But his led to another inevitable situation: Three days in a tiny hotel suite with four people and one, full-sized ironing board. Talk about tight quarters!

Full size ironing boards are a nice utensil for those lucky enough to have room for them. They’re also a requirement for anyone who uses an ironing board for large items such as quilting and sewing materials. But for the rest of us…we folks with crammed closets, stuffed laundry rooms, and tiny storage nooks, it’s hard to justify that clunky ironing board. Fortunately, Central Vacuum Stores is ready with a several space-saving options.

Transitional Choices

Here are a couple of choices that are great for small spaces like condos, bungalows, or vacation homes. You’ll also love the non-permanence of these solutions.

Household Essentials Table Top Ironing Board #131210
The Household Essentials Table Top Ironing Board 131210

A classic option is a table-top ironing board. Like the one pictured here from Household Essentials, a table top ironing board is both compact and effective. This little gem is great for everyday jobs or even the occasional craft project.

What I love most about the Household Essential Table Top Ironing Board 131210 is the sliding iron rest at the rear. Between tasks, set your hot iron face down on the metal tray for a safe, temporary resting place. It also adds some extra length in case you’re working with a larger piece of fabric.


Plus, the leg base acts as a hook so the 13120 can be hung for easier storage!

No installation needed!
No installation needed!

Speaking of hanging an ironing board on a door…how about using a door as a permanent place holder? This awesome solution is space-saving and easy to have at your hand whenever needed.

The Over The Door Compact Ironing Board Style 144222 is easy to install and maintain. Great for condos and apartments, the 144222 comes complete with hooks for residential and commercial doors, powder-coated steel construction, a foam ironing pad, and natural cover.

  • To learn more about the Over The Door Ironing Board #144222 Visit Here

Built-In Solutions

If it’s something a little more custom you’re looking for, we’ve got options for you, too!

The Rev-A-Shelf is mounted within a cabinet drawer.
The Rev-A-Shelf is mounted within a cabinet drawer.

The Rev-A-Board RVVIB20CR Fold Out Ironing Board is a fabulous, custom solution giving you the ability to store, hide, and access an ironing board easily. Imagine having the convenience of a compact ironing board in your closet, laundry room, or craft room. It’s also a great solution for R.V.’s, boats, and other small spaces. The Rev–A–Board width is adjustable from 14 1/4 inches to 19 5/8 inches and needs only 4 inches of height clearance to mount in either frame or frameless constructed cabinet furniture.

Another solution is the Better Lifestyle OSUM-01 Compact Lifestyle Ironing Center. This wall mounted unit stays hidden in a discreet sliding case. The case is lowered to reveal a fold out ironing board. The board rotates a full 180′ making it ideal for even the most awkward spaces.

Better Lifestyle OSUM-01 Compact Lifestyle Ironing CenterBetter Lifestyle OSUM-01 Compact Lifestyle Ironing CenterBetter Lifestyle OSUM-01 Compact Lifestyle Ironing CenterInstallation is simple and the unit measures only 34 1/2″ L x 12″ W x 4 1/4″ D. You can even paint the case to match your wall color making it even more concealed.

  • To learn more about the Better Lifestyle OSUM-01 Compact Lifestyle Ironing Center Visit Here

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