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Reliable V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron

This. Is. My. Absolute. Favorite. Time. Of. Year.

It’s officially the middle of October and I couldn’t be more pleased. My fall decorations are out, the house smells of pumpkin and cinnamon and Christmas is right around the corner. Glorious.

Each year, as we struggle to get the boxes out of the attic, I tell myself I don’t need any more holiday decor. I promise my husband not a single new candle, not an ounce of fall foliage, not even a hint of another roll of wrapping paper. And if you know me at all, you hardly finished that last sentence before wondering what it was I bought. Well, you’re right. It’s a new Thanksgiving tablecloth and I couldn’t live without it.

I ordered this beautiful new tablecloth offline and if you know anything about receiving fabric from an online vendor you know how it arrives. I understand keeping the cost of shipping down but do they really need to air seal the thing? Is it being sent to the International Space Center? Anyway, as you can imagine it was a wrinkly mess and because I had to have it in place as if it had always been there (you know, before the husband got home) I needed that baby out and ironed in a matter of minutes. And it was.

Reliable V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron
The Reliable V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron

I cannot say enough about this iron! The newest and most advanced home iron from Reliable’s incredible line of products, the V200 Sensor Velocity Iron will seriously change the way you think about your laundry care.

It features a built-in anti-scale cartridge to purify minerals within your water. While the 8 minute auto shut-off is a great safety feature, it can be bypassed to streamline your ironing. This “Steam Ready” function allows quilters and seamstresses to access the powerful V200 without stop!

The 1800W heating element makes this Reliable’s highest temperature home iron. The patented double elements also allow for no spitting and powerful steam even on low temperature settings.

V200 The Anodized Aluminum Soleplate
The V200 soleplate features anodized aluminum and magnesium

Reliable has mastered the science of the soleplate. Using new technology and research, the redesigned anodized aluminum outer coating allows for a perfect glide over materials and distributes heat evenly. Meanwhile, the inner magnesium plate increases durability and strength and the combined metals make for an exceptionally lightweight appliance.

But perhaps the most fantastic feature you’ll find on the V200 Sensor Velocity is the sensor itself! A built-in steam sensor registers when the iron handle is being touched and is in use. As you activate your V200 “TouchSteam,” steam is automatically produced as you handle the iron and stops when the it is no longer touched. It’s the smartest iron on the market!

Stable, ergonomic design
Convenient swivel cord

You’ll love the V200’s ergonomic design. By utilizing ultra specific weight distribution, Reliable was able to create an iron that is both stable and easy on your wrist. And continuing with the idea of easy maneuverability, the V200 features a 360º swivel cord. This not only helps manage difficult corners and folds, it also allows the unit to be comfortable for both left and right-handed users.

Reliable’s V200 Sensor Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Iron combines innovation with practicality. It was hard to imagine they could have improved upon their already stellar line of home irons, but the V200 is the proof!

To learn more and order yours today, visit Central Vacuum Stores or call and speak with one of our outstanding service reps at 1-800-221-8227.


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