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Iron-A-Way A-46 Wall Mounted Ironing Center

In all my years, in all my fall seasons, in all my Halloweens, I have never once purchased a store-bought costume. Oh, I go and look each year to see the latest trends and maybe get an idea or two, but I never buy. As far as I’m concerned, Halloween is all about creativity and imagination. It’s supposed to be fun and part of that fun is the time spent with friends and family leading up to it.

Sure, it’s a lot easier simply picking something off a rack and not giving it another thought, but I want my family to be more imaginative than that. I want them to be true originals and learn that nothing comes easy. If you want to look like a princess, you’re going to have to iron out that tulle first. And if it’s the superhero look you’re after, that decal isn’t going to get on this blue shirt by itself! The only thing working as hard as us each Halloween is our Iron-A-Way A-46!

Iron-A-Way A-46 Ironing Center
Iron-A-Way A-46 Ironing Center

This is one of Central Vacuum Stores’ all-time, best selling products. The Iron-A-Way Ironing Center, A-46 Model is so compact and efficient, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. The Iron-A-Way A-46 Ironing Center features a 46 inch ventilated ironing board with 4 inch height adjustment. In addition to the multiple storage shelves, it also includes a hot iron storage station with an insulated heat shield providing you with the ultimate safety. The door is attached with a full length piano hinge so it opens 180 degrees. Additionally, the doors are completely customizable. You can choose between birch, maple, oak, pine, white, and even mirrored.

What makes the A-46 Iron-A-Way such a fabulous model is the electrical system. The A-46 provides you with the ability to connect the unit directly to Iron-A-Way A46your home’s electrical wiring. The Iron-A-Way Center includes an electrical outlet so you simply plug your iron into the unit when in use. It’s so convenient!

You’ll also love the built-in spotlight to give you extra light as you work and the hanging garment bar on the door interior. There are even optional features like an additional sleeve board or a 90 Degree left/right ironing board swivel.

Iron-A-Way A-46 Ironing Center Specification Brochure

For more information on installation and product specifications, or to learn more about the full line of Iron-A-Way products, call the team at Central Vacuum Stores at 1.800.221.8227 or visit the Central Vacuum Stores website.

Take a look at the many door options below and remember, you even have the choice to simply paint the unit to match your interior walls!

All models come standard with a birch door. All wood doors come unfinished and can be stained or painted to match your decor.  White doors do not require finishing.  Mirror is full length, 1/4″ plated glass with polished edge.

Birch Flat

White Flat

Maple Raised

Pine Raised

Oak Raised

White Raised


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