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Fabric Steamers Worthy of New York’s Fashion Week

For some, September means school supplies and the end of Summer. For others, it’s the final countdown to an impending string of holidays. But for many of us, September means glorious fabrics, ethereal stage designs, heavenly goddesses, and the absolute latest trends. It’s officially Fashion Week in New York City and the runways are poised for high-heeled action.

While the hottest designer threads may never fit your budget or lifestyle, it’s always fun to appreciate the sheer beauty of a perfectly timed runway show. And the trick is to take away the subtle details that you can incorporate into your day-to-day wardrobe, whether it be jewel-toned silk accents or a special occasion embellished stiletto. But there is one, undeniable lesson to be learned from the fashion world. Whatever you’re wearing…let it be polished and wrinkle free.

An easy and fast way to give your outfit that professional, chic finish is with a high-quality fabric steamer. A fabric steamer refreshes the fibers of any materials and releases any lingering wrinkles and creases. It’s also safe to use on a variety of fabrics, unlike a traditional iron.

The Reliable Pronto P7 portable steamer
The Reliable Pronto P7 hand-held steamer

Reliable is perhaps the most trusted name in steam products. Their Enviromate Pronto P7 Hand-Held Steamer is a unique, portable, and compact fabric steamer. The 15 piece accessory kit includes several attachments to process a variety of surfaces.

This steamer works double-duty as fabric steamer and household sanitizer. Safe to use on kitchen counters, doorknobs, and anywhere else germs collect, the Pronto P7 disinfects using powerful, high-temperature steam. No chemicals, no harsh odors, cleaning and sanitizing with steam is safe for your home and great for the environment.

The Reliable G4 Professional Fabric Steamer
The Reliable G4 Professional Fabric Steamer
The Reliable G4m Professional Steamer with Metal Head
The Reliable G4m Professional Steamer with Metal Head

Comparatively, the only difference between the Reliable G4m and the Reliable G4 is the professional grade steam hose head. The Reliable G4m features a cast aluminum metal steam head with a “stay cool” wood handle. The G4m head can simulate a steam iron when touching up creases on a sleeve and reaching a temperature of 180º F.

The Reliable G4 Fabric Steamer features a professional grade, plastic hose head that is 50% thicker than standard plastic heads. Because the hose head is the most frequently replaced part on a professional steamer, Reliable was intuitive enough to create an extra durable design.

Both models include 1300 watt brass heating elements, easy-roll castors203 degrees F steam temperature, and professional grade interior components.

This season and every season, the look that’s most in style is confident. Whether it’s designer duds or a discount dress, show the world you’re polished and ready for anything with a refreshing sweep of a trusted fabric steamer. All these products and more can be found at Central Vacuum Stores!


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