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Household Essentials Laundry Solutions

Ah, it’s that sweet, sweet sound of victory…silence. That’s right: the kids have gone back to school and you’re allowed to love every second of it! Summer brings fun, family, and priceless memories made. But there’s something to be said for getting back on a schedule and keeping track with the busy world of homework and after-school sports. Sometimes, getting reorganized is its own freedom. And if you’re like the many families here at Central Vacuum Stores, you know that while Summer may end, there’s one thing that never does. Laundry!

School uniforms, gym clothes, basketball jerseys, and a stinky pair of socks to go with each one; shoo. Here are some unique options for your laundry room to help you keep up with the endless piles. Just think…this could be the year. The year you make laundry so easy and efficient, your kids can start doing their own!

Household Essentials Triple Storage Bin 7119
The Household Essentials Triple Storage Bin 7119

Household Essentials brings you a portable, triple laundry divider. The Triple Storage Bin 7119 comes in a cheery blue color with a mesh body for easy visibility. Each individual bin can be lifted from the metal frame to transport wherever needed. The sturdy drawstring closures help contain the contents and provide carrying support.

By creating clear, easy to see divisions among your laundry, you eliminate the chance of mixing that red cheerleading sock with those white delicates! Plus, it’s so simple and starightforward, every member of your family should be able to help.

32.5″ H, 35.375″ W, 17.75″ D

Household Essentials Doorknob Laundry Bag White Canvas 148
Household Essentials Doorknob Laundry Bag White Canvas 148

This Doorknob Laundry Bag in White Canvas is perfect for small spaces, college dorm rooms, or the family member in your home guilty of never bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry room. This unique design patented by Household Essentials can be hung from any knob, closet rod, or hook. It’s made of a heavy, breathable canvas and can hold up to 2 loads of laundry.

It has a full zippered back so the clothes can easily be removed but perhaps the most convenient feature is the simple portability.

Household Essentials Antique Bronze Laundry Center 7174
Household Essentials Antique Bronze Laundry Center 7174

Collecting dirty items on laundry day is easier than ever before!

This modern, antique bronze laundry center includes all the features you could need to care for your laundry. The Household Essentials Antique Bronze Laundry Center 7174 features three individual, heavy-duty polyester bags. These bags are removable and have handles for easy carrying. The hanging rack is perfect for freshly steamed or ironed clothes or those delicate, “hang dry only” items.

The steel frame is sturdy but glides across the floor on four smooth rolling casters, two of which have locks so you can keep the cart in place when you need to. The Antique Bronze Laundry Center 7174 comes complete with a removable lingerie bag and sweater bag. And the convenient top rack gives you a place to store detergents, fabric softeners, or place folded laundry.

In today’s busy families, any little thing can help. Laundry is a near daily chore for many of us and it only makes sense we simplify it as best we can. Take a look at the full line of Household Essential laundry care products we carry at Central Vacuum Stores.


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