Reliable S330 Empressa Digital Electronic Steam Press

I love watching old, futuristic movies because when it comes time to show the year, it’s often just right around the corner. In Back to The Future II, Marty and Doc travel to October 21, 2015 to save Marty’s son and find flying cars and self-tying shoes. Blade Runner follows Harrison Ford as he tracks artificial humans from an off-planet colony in 2019. Heck, even The Terminator and Kyle Reese were sent from the year 2029! Now, maybe I’m just a cynic, but I have a hard time believing we’ll master both time-travel and cyborg weaponry in the next sixteen years.

However, I am ready to celebrate the amazing victories technology has won. As I look up from my laptop computer, I can see a machine that washes my dishes, a battery operated gadget that opens a wine bottle in three seconds, and a 4×3 device that acts as phone, camera, video recorder, map, music player, calendar, and computer in one. It’s a pretty sweet life. But maybe it’s time to sweeten it a little more.

Reliable S330 Empressa Digital Electronic Steam Press
The powerful steam from the Reliable S330 Empressa Digital Electronic Steam Press

Sure they’ve given us laundry machines that wash and dry our clothes with minimal effort. But isn’t it high time they invent something that can iron and press fabrics just as easy? Your wish is Reliable’s command!

Reliable S330 Empressa
Choose your settings, close the lid, and press the button. That simple!

The Reliable S330 Empressa Digital Electronic Steam Press allows you to steam and iron fabrics with the press of a button. Literally! The ergonomic handle features a large button along the grip to activate the steam.

Reliable S330 Empressa Settings
The well designed settings panel makes the perfect press easy!

The Empressa is safe to use on any fabric, from delicate silks to sturdy wools. And you’re sure to choose the right heat because the settings are easy to read and foolproof! There’s also an option for extra steam. This helps penetrate deep into materials and release the toughest wrinkles.

The extra large pressing surface measures an unbelievable 25” x 10”. You will cut your typical ironing time in half by tackling more fabric in less time.

The smooth surface will help to create the perfect crease in dress pants and the open design will press tough angles like shirt collars and cuff sleeves.

If you’re ready to trade in your iron for the fabric care of the future, learn more about the Reliable S330 Empressa Digital Electronic Steam Press and order yours today!


• 330º F maximum temperature
• Non-stick coating
• 1350W heating element
• Safety alarm and auto shut-off
• Childproof safety lock
• Hi-Tec woven press cover with pad
• Can be used for fusing or ironing
• Accessory kit – pressing cushion, spray and water bottle


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