Ironing Board Covers

Replacement Ironing Board Covers

This time last year my husband and I were in the middle of a kitchen remodel. I remember the end of July being especially exciting because it was about this time we bought our new refrigerator. Stainless steel, sleek handles, LED lighting, moveable shelves, the whole she-bang. I was ecstatic. I kept opening it and just looking at the crisp, clean possibilities. A drawer setting just for cheeses…who knew?

It was also about this time I realized that somewhere along the way, I had become the boring adult I swore I’d never be. Cheering over a new refrigerator? YOU USED TO BE COOL! What happened to the young, hip, co-ed who painted her toenails green and spent money on alcohol and vintage records? By the time the dishwasher was installed it was all over. There was no going back.

Household Essentials Deluxe Series Spring Meadow Ironing Board Cover #2001-27
Includes an attached fabric caddy. Fits all standard 13″ to 15″ x 53″ to 54″ tops

If you’re like me, fellow lame grown-up, you too rejoice in things you once thought meaningless. And that’s ok because, just like you, priorities grow and change. Gone are the days of designer denim and subscriptions to celebrity gossip magazines. These are times for cars with airbags, new sod for the backyard, and say…a replacement ironing board cover?

LauraStar Universal Ironing Board Cover - Yellow
Made with a special material that is porous enough to allow steam, anti-microbial to prevent mold, and extra cushiony for delicate fabrics.

Keeping your ironing board cover clean is a top priority. Stains on your cover can transfer to the fabric you’re pressing. Additionally, burnt fibers on your cover won’t allow the proper breathability, allowing moisture to collect in those areas and overheat your clothing. Today’s irons aren’t just used for wardrobes, it’s likely a craft or two has left glitter, transfer residue, or melted gunk. Give a little TLC to your ironing board by sprucing it up with a new cover!

Household Essentials Deluxe Series Sewing Guide Ironing Board Cover #2006
Perfect for sewers, this board includes sewing guidelines to help get that perfect crease or hem!

Shop By Ironing Board Size

Central Vacuum Stores carries ironing board covers for the following ironing brand names:

Laurastar NuTone  Iron A Way  Reliable  Stow Away  Better LifestyleHousehold EssentialsLeifheit  Rev-A-Shelf


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