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The Reliable V100: Bulletin Board Craft Edition

I moved into a new office this week. The space is a bit more secluded than my last office, making it the quiet retreat I’ve been seeking. As a move often allows, I was given the chance to get myself reorganized and set out making my space functional and fresh. As a blogger, I’m always in need of inspiration. Part of my goal included concept boards to collect ideas and stimulate my creativity. And what better way to arouse creativity than a DIY craft?

IMG_3414 IMG_3415 IMG_3417

These boards came out super cute. With a couple of shabby cork boards, a trip to the fabric store, and a staple gun, I had myself some adorable office organization. I just love the personality they bring to the space. But I couldn’t have done it without my Reliable V100 Digital Velocity Iron!

Reliable V100 Digital Velocity Iron
The Reliable V100 Digital Velocity Iron has powerful steam.

Prepping fabrics is a breeze when you have the right tools. Because I was able to buy remnants from the clearance section at my local craft store, I saved a few bucks on this recent bulletin board up-cycle. But that remnant bin is discounted for a reason. The fabrics I chose were heavily creased and wrinkled. Additionally, I didn’t really get to be picky about the type of fabric I chose. It’s more a take-what-you-get kind of selection.

Reliable V100 Digital Velocity Iron
Digital display for “no mistakes” settings

None of that matters, though, when you’re working with the Digital Velocity V100. The extra powerful steam output quickly penetrates the fibers and releases even the toughest wrinkles. Add the accurate temperature provided by the digital thermostat combined with the concentrated steam tip and you’re finished in no time!

The stainless steel soleplate glides over your material without causing bunching or creasing. And when it’s time to refill the 1.8 cup water tank, you won’t need to use distilled or filtered water. With the changeable Anti-Scale Cartridge, even tap water is safe to use.

Plus, I love the Steam Ready feature. This Reliable iron has a setting to disarm the automatic shut-off, perfect for seamstresses. By activating the Steam Ready, I was able to iron one fabric, staple it to the board, and come back to a hot iron to start the next. Perfect!

You’re going to love your Reliable V100. Purchase yours today and start crafting to your heart’s content!


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