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Rev-A-Board RVVIB20CR Fold Out Ironing Board

My friend and I had a conversation the other day about whether or not we could ever live in New York City. (For those readers who actually live in the city, you should know that the rest of the world sits around talking about you.) We weighed the pros and cons, our overall personalities, the various scenarios that could lead us there and came to conclude that no, neither of us would hack it. That city would chew us up and spit us out like an hour-old piece of Doublemint.

For me, it was less the hustle-and-bustle and more the crowded, compact, nauseatingly dense way of life. This lady needs her space!! I’ve visited many a friend in the Big Apple only to tour their apartment and think, “Why yes, this would make a lovely walk-in closet.” I don’t know how you do it but I am amazed by just how you do it. Apparently, you’ve never known innovation until you’ve lived in 300 square feet. So for all you survivors out there making your way in a big city, here’s a fabulous product designed just for you!

A pull-out ironing board for easy storage and low maintenance.

The brilliant Rev-A-Board RVVIB20CR Fold Out ironing board can be installed in any standard cabinet drawer sized from 14-1/4” to 21” wide . The perfect solution for condos, apartments, closets and dressing rooms, boats, yachts, laundromats, seamstress shops, boutiques, hotels, or anywhere else you need space-saving ideas. The brilliant hinged design allows the board to fold into a compact, manageable drawer. Never again will you need to store an ugly ironing board or unfold those creaky metal legs. The Rev-A-Board RVVIB20CR offers all the benefits of a full size ironing board measuring at  12” x 37 1/2”. It also has a built-in locking device that sets it at counter-top height.

Rev-A-Shelf Folded Ironing Board
The Rev-A-Board Ironing Board folds and unfolds with a hinged design.
Rev-A-Shelf Unfolded
The locking feature allows you to raise the board to counter-top height.

To learn more about this amazing ironing board and all the garment care products offered by Central Vacuum Stores, visit our site.

Rev-A-Board Cover
The durable, silver-gray removable cover

Also take a look at the replacement cover!


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