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Iron-A-Way NE-242 Wall Mounted Ironing Center

I have reached that phase in my life when everyone I know is either getting engaged, getting married, or getting a baby. And while these all call for joyous celebration, they also require well-organized, well-themed, and often trend-setting parties. Enter: Me.

I ran the numbers and I have hosted six showers in three years. While this may seem exhausting to some, I relish in every chance to throw a gorgeous affair.  The added benefit to being the hostess with the mostest is the unending potential to grow my crafting repertoire. Embellished invitations for a bridal shower: hand-made. Tea-cup candles as favors: poured the wax myself. Monogrammed receiving blanket to match baby’s nursery: well…I’m working on it. But with the help of my Iron-A-Way NE-242, I’ll have it finished by next weekend’s event!

Iron-A-Way NE-242 Ironing Center
Iron-A-Way NE-242 Ironing Center

For the crafter in your life, consider the incredibly convenient Iron-A-Way NE-242 Wall Mounted Ironing Center. The NE-242 is Iron-A-Way’s non-electric, non-recessed model making it so easy to install. This surface-mounted unit features a 42inch ventilated metal ironing board with cover and pad included.

The NE-242 door is mounted using a full length piano hinge allowing for a 180 degree swing. You can even request a left side opening hinge to suit your needs (all Iron-A-Way models come standard with right opening hinges.) These features allow for maximum accessibility no matter where you install it.

TAKE A LOOK HERE to learn more about installing your NE-242 Wall Mounted Ironing Center or call our team of experts for help at 1-800-221-8227.

The Iron-A-Way NE-242 Wall Mounted Ironing Center comes standard with the Flush Birch Door. This simple door can be painted or wallpapered to blend right in. But what make Iron-A-Way Ironing Centers so fabulous are the numerous customizable options!

Iron-A-Way Door Options
Choose from seven door options!

First, choose from the seven door styles to match your home decor. The mirrored option would be great for installation in a closet, fitting room, or bathroom and the raised finishes may blend right in with your laundry room cabinetry. (Remember, the beauty of the NE-242 is that it can be installed anywhere because of it’s easy, surface-mount design.)

Next, determine if you require a left or right hinged opening.

And lastly, choose from the many additional options you may need such as the Swivel Board Attachment or the Garment Bar. From the door style to the custom features within, this built-in ironing center is sure to meet your needs. And Central Vacuum Stores offers FREE SHIPPING on all Iron-A-Way units. To learn more VISIT HERE.

Iron A Way 90° Left/Right Swivel Option
Iron A Way 90° Left/Right Swivel Option
Iron A Way Door Mounted Garment Bar
Door Mounted Garment Bar

Iron-A-Way offers a variety of built-in and wall-mounted ironing centers. To choose the unit that’s right for you, use our COMPARISON GUIDE to select the best model for your home.


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