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Household Essentials Air Drying Solutions

Just when I think I have my life together, I make popcorn for dinner.

You all know what I’m talking about. Nothing screams “Failure as an Adult” like eating popcorn for dinner. It says I didn’t have anything else in my pantry (which in turn says I intended to go grocery shopping but spent three hours on Pinterest instead.) It also says I’m mildly lazy because, we both know there really was something else I could have eaten. (Step aside, can of vegetable soup! Your demands of pushing 2:45 on the microwave are far too burdensome. Nutritional sustenance be damned, I need a solution that has its own button!)

Meh…I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. We all need a break from responsibility every now and again (and at least I didn’t choose the Ramon Noodles.) But once I’ve ended my boycott on rational maturity, it’s time to tackle my grown-up reality. I think I’ll start with the laundry. Just let me wash my buttery fingers first.

Today’s laundry solutions are more innovative than ever before. There are so many options for anyone looking to provide the best care for their wardrobe. Today, we’ll take a look at some fabulous drying solutions you’re sure to need for your delicate fabrics. And the bonus…they’re environmentally friendly, too!

Retractable 5 Line Clothesline
The Household Essentials 15-7 Retractable 5 Line Clothesline extends to 34ft!

The first item is the Household Essential 15-7 Retractable 5 Line Clothesline. This amazing product can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home. Extending up to 34 feet, the aluminum construction and heavy-duty wire cables provide 170 feet of line space! That’s a lot of clothes!

3 Piece Post Assembly
Perfect for outdoor installation!

The aluminum coil bar can be mounted on any wall. Included in your Household Essential 15-7 Retractable 5 Line Clothesline is the receiver bracket to be installed on the opposite location. If you’re installing this unit on the exterior of your home, no need to worry! The kit also includes the 3-Piece Post assembly shown to the right.

Save money and electricity! This handy tool allows you to dry so many piece at once!

Stackable Dryer Rack
Each rack is sold separately

I can’t tell you how many items I have in my closet that say “Lay Flat to Dry” and, as luck would have it, they’re some of my favorite pieces! You can treat those delicate materials with love using the Household Essentials Stackable Dryer!

Purchase one, or purchase five! This innovative design allows you to stack as many as you need to handle your wardrobe staples. Set them up side by side to dry longer items like dresses or jackets!

Household Essentials Stackable Dryer Mat
Household Essentials Stackable Dryer Mat

The Household Essentials Stackable Dryer features a special netted, mesh material. This allows optimal airflow as well as a firm, flat surface to dry your items. Both economical and environmentally friendly, drying your sweaters and silks using this unique drying mat will also save you time!

Gullwing Air Dryer
Versatility and flexibility make the Gullwing Air Dryer so efficient!

But if an all-in-one solution is what you’re looking for, look no further!

The Gullwing Air Dryer features both hanging and flat options for your laundry. Twenty-five stainless steel rods are ready to provide you 44 feet of drying surface. Also included:

  • Two removable hangers
  • Eight shoe horns
  • Easy fold joints for simple storage
  • Lightweight structure for true portability

Perfect for use both indoors or outdoors, the Gullwing Air Dryer is sure to outlast your electric dryer!

Central Vacuum Stores is thrilled to provide these and many more solutions to your laundry needs. Check out the full line of Household Essentials on our site to see for yourself! Household Essentials makes being an adult a little easier to bear.


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