LauraStar Magic S4E Ironing System

I know I’ve said this before, but I love fashion. I love that putting on a flattering top in the morning can set the tone for the rest of my day. I love that a funky accessory can start a conversation with a stranger. It’s how I express my personality and even my mood to the world at large. But fashion can be a lot of work. Oh sure, you could open up a magazine and look at a handful of pictures and say, ok…this looks nice. But it’s another task entirely to look at a trend and determine how it best fits your body, your age, or your wallet.

For example, this Summer the fashion runways and style magazines were full of vibrant, jewel toned, metallics.  They were in suits, evening gowns, casual wear, and underwear. But I’ll tell you right now, despite the fact that I can appreciate a royal blue, high sheen, legging: unless you’re an ice skater on route to a performance…you should not be wearing these. But that emerald, silk headband would be fabulous with that jacket with the shiny gold cuffs. It’s all about knowing your limits. And, if your new, iridescent pencil skirt gets wrinkled at today’s meeting, it’s also all about knowing the proper care.

The LauraStar Magic S4E Ironing System
The LauraStar Magic S4E Ironing System

Ironing a delicate material or a favorite piece of clothing can be a frightening task to anyone who’s ever burned a fabric. And, if you’re like me, seeing “Dry Clean Only” while trying on a new item will hurt its appeal. But the LauraStar Magic S4E Ironing System can change all that! To give this amazing tool the respect it deserves, we must first have a lesson in the science of garment care.

Obviously, pressing a cotton blend trouser would be a different process than pressing a silk cami. The trick is to own a product that can tackle both! No matter what the material, the LauraStar Magic S4E Ironing System will provide:

  • The correct power of steam
  • The correct temperature of steam
  • The correct pressure from the iron
  • The correct temperature of the iron

LauraStar’s Pressurized Steam

The LauraStar Magic S4E has LauraStar’s patented pressurized steam. This steam is diffused continuously with a pressure of 3.5 bar and allows for micro-fine droplets. This means, the steam is so fine, you won’t risk dampening delicate fabrics while still processing moisture through every fiber. A constant pressure of 50 psi produces 211 quarts of steam volume per minute!

LauraStar’s Double Volume Steam

Another fabulous feature found only in LauraStar systems is the double steam. The Magic S4E actually heats its steam twice producing double the amount of extra strong steam. Combined with the micro-fine droplets, the steam is sure to penetrate deeply into fibers and instantly eliminate even the most stubborn creases. This powerful steam will help you efficiently tackle your laundry with ease.

Vacuum/Blower Ventilation Board

LauraStar ironing boards have an integrated vacuum and blower system. Mounted under the table itself is a powerful motor managing the air ventilation through the board. By ironing your materials in this manner, you’re sure to prevent creases and eliminate seam marks. For example, the vacuum option helps flatten heavier material and the blower will allow delicate fabrics to be steamed without collecting moisture. You can easily switch between the blower and vacuum from the iron handle.

The Intuitive Soleplate

The LauraStar Magic S4E even has a convenient, built-in, hot iron storage box!
The LauraStar Magic S4E even has a convenient, built-in, hot iron storage box!

The soleplate on the LauraStar Magic S4E Iron has a unique almond shape with rounded edges. This enables the user to iron in any direction with an easy flow. And, because the vacuum table will be holding your material in place, you won’t need to worry about bunching or creasing as you change directions. The LauraStar professional soleplate is designed to accomplish three steps with every swipe: 1) heating 2) smoothing and 3) cooling. This combination is what permanently sets a fiber in its place.

Additionally, the S4E comes complete with the SOFTPRESSING soleplate. This plate protects and reduces the iron surface temperature for ironing delicate materials (silk, angora, velvet, garments with appliques) and prevents dark garments from becoming shiny. And for the crafty types, the SOFTPRESSING soleplate also prevents transfers from sticking to the iron.

For even more info, take a look at the LauraStar Magic S4E Ironing System brochure.

This dream ironing system can be yours today (with free shipping, too!) Take a look at the Magic S4E and all of LauraStar’s Ironing Systems at Central Vacuum Stores!


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