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Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing Table

My sister-in-law and I recently began practicing Yoga at the same studio. We’ve found our favorite class is the 8AM Saturday morning and we take comfort in sharing the award for being the worst students in the room. Now, we anticipated downward dogging our way to slimmer bodies, but we never accounted for the parallel phenomenon this weekly ritual would create…

Two husbands whose sole purpose each Saturday morning was to attack every garage sale within a forty mile radius.

Together, our spouses have managed to turn this all-American tradition into a sporting event fit for the Coliseum. Constantly on the hunt (and not-so-secretly competing against each other) for the best deal of the day, they storm each sale with renewed fervor. I pity these unsuspecting vendors. Out to make a few dollars on their unwanted items and meet the neighbors in the process, they never see these sharks in the water.

In turn, our garage sale gladiators have created a third paradigm: a continual flow of DIY projects. We’ve painted, decorated, and refinished more pieces in the last few months than Bob Vila. And when it came to reupholstering the new vanity chair my brother scored, it was time to once again pull out the Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing Table. It’s not my fault the little old lady he charmed sold it for $3.00 when a fresh, gray patterned fabric would make it worth $30.00. It’s a cut-throat world, Grandma.

The Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing Table
The Reliable C81 Ultimate Ironing Table

This brilliant ironing table combines the power of vacuum technology with an elite ironing surface. To best iron a material, it’s all about moisture control. The key steps to a flawless finish are:

  1. Putting moisture in the fabric with steam
  2. Heating the moisture
  3. Quickly removing the moisture

This is best accomplished with an air vacuum table and the Reliable C81 handles all that and more. Just think, you can get professional results without a trip to the dry-cleaner!

Reliable products are made with the highest quality materials and the greatest thought scientific minds can produce. From the adjustable height to the tube frame construction, your Ultimate Ironing Table will make for a comfortable, stable, and long lasting unit.

The under-mounted vacuum motor can be controlled on the right or left side of the board making it fully accessible and the air pressure can be regulated by the handy pedal. Additionally, the C81’s quick-dry polyester cover works flawlessly with the vacuum air flow; yet another intuitive design piece.

The Reliable C81 vacuum board finally makes it possible to iron those impossible fabrics such as silk, corduroy, and velvet with ease and finesse! And if you’re working with bulk fabrics (say to reupholster your recent “upcycle” project) you’ll cherish the extra large pressing surface. Measuring at an unbelievable 16” x 48.5”, it’s sure to breeze through your materials.

It’s true some of the techniques my husband uses to haggle are better suited for a used car lot than a family’s drive-way, but I’m learning to turn the other way. Any excuse to use my Reliable C81 is worth it.

Plus, my new end table is receiving so many compliments.


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