Rowenta DA1560 First Class Travel Iron

Did you know that cruise ships will not provide an iron? Something about fire hazards, or what not. Now, did you also know that you attend formal dinners while on cruises? Dinners that require collared shirts and fancy dresses straight out of your suitcase? Can you see where I’m going with this?

I’m prepared to share something with you in which I take no pride. I do not own the below product. Even more disgraceful, I was forced to press a handful of items while on our recent vacation using my Revlon flat-iron. I don’t know how I allowed myself to travel so ill-prepared and disheveled, but I’m well aware what I could have done differently. I could have brought along a Rowenta DA150 First Class Travel Iron.

The Rowenta DA1560 First Class Travel Iron
The Rowenta DA1560 First Class Travel Iron

Perhaps what I love most about this adorable little travel iron is the fact that you’ll be working with the same features and benefits as your full-sized iron. I challenge you to find a more compact, sleeker travel iron that still features STEAM!

And weighing in at only 1.65lbs and folding to an astonishing to 7.8 inches, you’ll even be able to carry this onto your next flight without paying those pesky luggage fees!

It truly is the best of both worlds!

I know the next time I go cruising (mind you, I was painfully sea-sick the first two days so a repeat trip is unlikely) or take my next flight (which will be October for my cousin’s wedding) I will have one of these in tow. I cannot afford another traumatic dinner in a wrinkled silk-blend evening gown.

Rowenta Travel Iron
Folds to a convenient compact size perfect for your carry-on luggage!
  • Powerful steam output
  • Vertical Steam – Removes wrinkles from hanging garments.
  • Burst of Steam – Provides a powerful burst that penetrates even the most difficult fabrics.
  • Constant Steam – Provides a steady rate of steam for more efficient and easier ironing.
  • On/Off Steam Control – Iron with or without steam.
  • Microsteam stainless steel soleplate
  • Light and compact
  • Full Range Thermostat – Ensures perfect ironing of any type of fabric
  • Dual voltage ensures the iron is as powerful at 120v as it is at 230v, making it ideal for travel
  • High precision tip reaches narrow edges, seams and collars

Visit Central Vacuum Stores to purchase your Rowenta DA1560 First Class Travel Iron today!


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