Iron-A-Way E342 Ironing Center

If you were to ask my husband what it was like to live with me, he would have very nice things to say.  He would also be lying.  While I have many things to offer to our marriage, it’s possible I can be a little particular, a little demanding, and a whole lot controlling.  I like things just so and I like them done now.

“When you’ve finished re-tiling the shower I need you to move the fridge so I can clean behind it.” 

“I want the towels folded like this, my grandmother’s silver doesn’t go there, and you bought the wrong kind of detergent.”

“I’ve decided I’m going to start storing my scrap-booking material in your man-cave.”

It ain’t easy loving me, but he can’t deny that my one-woman regime makes for a well run home.  And I like to believe that, after the cut heals from where the screw-gun slipped and hit his knuckle, he will grow to appreciate the Iron-A-Way E342 I made him install this weekend.

The oh-so-handy Iron-A-Way E342 wall mounted ironing station!

What I love about the Iron-A-Way E342 is the absolute genius that you find in every recessed nook and cranny.  Take everything you would need when going about your ironing, tuck it into one neat package, and then store it behind a customized door.  So perfect!

The E342 model comes with the convenience of an outlet right in the unit.  Not only can you store your iron within the cabinet, but when it comes time to tackle your chore you can simply plug it in and get to work.

Another feature is the quality ironing board that comes standard.  The 42 inch, ventilated steel won’t rust or wear, no matter how much you use it.  And the kit comes complete with an ironing cover and pad.

But if you want to know what really sets this piece apart from anything else on the market, it’s the custom options that come with dozens of features on the Iron-A-Way. Just take a look at all the choices and clear your husband’s weekend!

Get more information and ordering details here!

Choose E342 Door Styles and Hinge

Birch Flat with Left Hinge $355.36  
Birch Flat with Right Hinge $355.36  
Maple Raised with Left Hinge $454.73  
Maple Raised with Right Hinge $454.73  
Mirror with Left Hinge

Has chrome edge on top and bottom
Mirror with Right Hinge

Has chrome edge on top and bottom
Oak Raised with Left Hinge $454.73  
Oak Raised with Right Hinge $454.73  
Pine Raised with Left Hinge $454.73  
Pine Raised with Right Hinge $454.73  
White Flat with Left Hinge $393.69  
White Flat with Right Hinge $393.69  
White Raised with Left Hinge $454.73  
White Raised with Right Hinge $454.73  
No Door – 

Includes Hinge
No Door –

No Hinge

Additional Options

Swivel Option $59.00  
Hot Iron Rest $34.11  
Built-in Spot Light $24.00  
Electric Cord Wrap $8.02  
Garment Bar $9.00  
Sleeve Board $41.99  
Surface Mount Trim $25.00  
Extra Cover & Pad Set $30.00  

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