Miele Rotary Iron

Miele Rotary Iron B990E

I hope by this point we all know there’s nothing real about “Reality Television.” The tension, the drama, the convenient segues between story lines: all staged, my friends. But even having said this, I often find my hypocritical little fingers lingering on certain channels, refusing to press the remote. I tell myself I’m just going to take a look (I’ll just wait to see the dress…and the flowers…and maybe the table-settings) but the TV and I both know it’s a lie. Billion Dollar Wedding, Say Yes to The Venue, Celebrity Soirée, whatever it is, I can’t help but get caught up in the splendor and glamour of hosting a beautiful party.

Blame it on too many princess movies or my ever-desire to wear a fabulous outfit, I love a well designed affair. And whether it’s a bridal luncheon or a black-tie retirement gala, I’m savvy enough to recognize when an event hall or restaurant space takes pride in the little details, too. At Central Vacuum Stores, we sell fabulous products to commercial customers as well as individuals (see our specially packaged central vacuum systems for hair salons). If you’re the manager of a linen supply company, the proud owner of the most sought-after event venue, the refined keeper of a local bed & breakfast, or the persnickety proprietor of the classiest restaurant in town, we’ve got a product just for you.

Miele B990E Rotary Iron
Miele B990E Rotary Iron

The Miele Rotary Iron B990E is the most elite ironing product on the market. This German engineered rotary iron was designed with commercial application in mind. Imagine pressing bulk tablecloths, chair covers, bed linens, napkins, or draperies in a matter of moments.

The large roller surface helps you press even wide materials quickly. You’ll love utilizing the foot pedal to control the desired speed and the easy-to-use dial to control the temperature. Each feature on the Miele Rotary Iron is designed to allow you to iron and press from the comfort of a seated position.

Miele Rotary Iron
Miele Rotary Iron Easily Folds Into A Closet

And if storage is a concern, keep in mind that the Miele B990E folds into a manageable 41-3/8″ H x 19-5/8″ W x 15″ D

Of course, the Miele Rotary Iron isn’t only for commercial use. Pants, dress shirts, suits…all of these are simplified by the open-ended design allowing you to create sharp creases and wrinkle free collars.

Central Vacuum Stores is so fond of this product, we offer FREE ground shipping and a 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee.

Purchase yours today. You’ll not only save yourself time and dry-cleaning bills, you just may launch your company into the next coveted level of perfection.


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