Reliable Ironing Products

Reliable C60LB “The Board” Ironing Table

Quilting is a beautiful tradition. When I was little, my grandmother would have multiple quilting projects going on at once. Her home would be littered with multi-patterned squares, little triangles, and large unfinished pieces. Then somehow it would all come together to make one beautiful, hand sewn quilt. I’ve never learned how to sew despite my grandmother, mother, and even my husband trying to teach me the basics. Maybe this will be my year?

Whether I take it up or not, I know a fabulous sewing product when I see one.

Reliable C60LB Ironing Table
The Reliable C60LB Ironing Table

The Reliable Long Board was designed with quilters and sewers in mind. Specifically created to help you process large fabrics, the C60LB Ironing Table features an extension piece that brings the ironing surface to an unmatched 55 inches long.

Without the extension, your Reliable C60LB table measures 47 inches in length and offers a rounded end for ironing dress shirts and shoulders. The tube frame construction ensures that your C60 boasts the highest stability. The iron tray found at the rear of the board can safely hold your warm iron and the holding tray underneath will help you keep future ironing projects organized.

The Reliable C60LB Ironing Table is so unique because of the square extension piece. Simply remove the current ironing cover, slide on the extension, and put on the included extra long cover. Just like that, you’re ready to iron those bulk fabrics. It is the absolute most efficient way to complete the task at hand.

Central Vacuum Stores is always excited to bring you the most elite ironing solutions. We carry Reliable’s line of products because of their quality construction and intuitive design. Like us, they’ve been providing exceptional customer service for over sixty years. Purchase your Reliable C60LB The Board Ironing Table today!


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